Haryana govt to track attendance, movement of its employees during office hours! Thanks to smartwatches

04:29 PM Oct 24, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

The Haryana government will soon give GPS-enabled smartwatches to government employees in order to keep track of their attendance and real-time whereabouts during working hours. Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar made the declaration while speaking at a ‘Vikas’ rally in Sohna’s Sarmathla village on Saturday.


During the ‘Vikas’ event, Khattar said, “All government officials in the state would wear smartwatches that will track their mobility during office hours as well as function as a tool to mark attendance.” It will be a step forward over the prior roster and subsequent biometric system in that it will close gaps that allowed attendance to be manipulated, according to the CM, who also stated that people found ways to manipulate the biometric system.

The chief minister went on to say that this new way of tracking personnel will bring about “operational openness and accountability, as well as weed out phoney, duplicate, and misleading attendance.” “An employee would come to office after a week and place checkmarks for all the days in the week in the attendance register,” Khattar said, referring to the manual system of registering attendance in a register. Following the formation of our government, we implemented a biometric system to bring discipline and regularity to the attendance of government employees.”

“Some manufactured phoney fingerprints (from of rubber) and supplied them to someone else to punch in their attendance in his or her absence,” the CM stated. “I asked my team to find a solution to this dual dilemma, and… discovered one in ‘ghari,'” he continued (watches). Only the authorized user will be able to use the timepieces. It will convey the employees’ real-time whereabouts to the central control room, where their attendance will be recorded.”

CM Khattar also discussed the Sohna region’s development ambitions. He stated that the region’s rail and road networks were critical to its development. According to Khattar, the Sohna region is home to five rail and road corridors, including the KMP Expressway, Orbit Railway Corridor, Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, Western Dedicated Expressway, and Gurugram-Alwar Highway. He went on to say that the Sohna region’s industrial development will secure job prospects.


“These networks will result in all-around development and job creation, which will assist improve opportunities and prosperity in the area,” he said.


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