Heartwarming story! Flyer shares how he got back his treasured watch lost at KIA

04:32 PM Nov 29, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

One of the biggest nightmares for frequent fliers is the fear of losing an item or luggage at the airport. Sometimes, it takes days and weeks for them to get the lost item back. However, a story of how Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport authorities helped a businessman retrieve a lost wristwatch in no time, is warming hearts on the internet.


In a LinkedIn post, Anders Andersen, a businessman who recently visited India, wrote that he accidentally left his watch in one of the X-ray trays, while flying back to Denmark. According to his bio, Mr Andersen is the Director and Head of Business Technology Enterprise Solutions at Tryg, an insurance company primarily operating in Europe’s Scandinavian region.

The post further notes how the watch has sentimental value for him, as it belongs to his late grandfather. He immediately wrote an email to the concerned authorities who responded to Andersen’s mail in less than half an hour.

“But… then the power of India kicked in. Immediately (20 mins) after my mail was sent, the Bengaluru Airport Engagement Centre reached out, followed by a mail from Bengaluru Airport Terminal Lost & Found 14 mins later, and another one from our local partner TCS, all mobilizing to help,” Mr Andersen said in the LinkedIn post.

Even at that point, Mr Andersen was not very hopeful and prepared himself for never finding the treasured watch. However, on the morning of November 27, he received an email from Bengaluru Airport Terminal Lost & Found, saying that they had found his watch, which was ready for pickup at the airport.


“But incredibly(!), Sunday morning @ 01:41 am, I received a mail from Bengaluru Airport Terminal Lost & Found confirming that they had recovered my watch, and that it was ready for pick-up in the airport,” he said.

Overwhelmed by the gesture, he praised the professionalism of airport authorities and all those who helped him out.

He wrote, ”This was a tiny needle in a huge haystack situation, and I am overwhelmed by the professionalism, effectiveness and cooperation of Bengaluru Airport CISF and the Terminal Lost & Found team…This is so far above and beyond what anyone could expect, and I am so grateful for the help enabled by the collaboration and the shared desire to help, which I experienced from everybody involved. This is also such a great practical example of professionalism and process performance scaling with scope of operations.”

His post has now gone viral, and many people also shared similar experiences of how airport staff came to their rescue in times of need. One user wrote, “Happy to know that you shared this with the world because it happens quite often but very few stop to appreciate the honesty of so many people working round the clock and in such unison!”

Post a comment Another commented, ” So happy for you and for your getting back your emotionally valuable watch! May you both tick on together in God’s and your grandpa’s love for many years to come! True love never fails.”



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