Historic Surya–Chandra Jodukare Kambala to be held on Dec 3

11:14 AM Dec 01, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

The 28th historic Shirva Nadibettu Surya–Chandra traditional Jodukare Kambala, is set to take place on December 3 at Nadibettu Kambala field.


Prafulla Shetty, the former administrator of Shree Vishweshwara Temple, Yellur, will inaugurate the event.

Under the guidance of Damodar Chowta, head of the Shirva Nadibettu family and manager Shirva Nadibettu Shasidhara Hegde, the Kambala ceremony will be carried out with the cooperation of villagers, followed by food distribution.

A historic Kambala rooted in religious traditions

This historical Kambala event has deep-rooted religious significance. Kudi Kambala takes place before Kambala.  A ritual called Panikullunu is performed by the Koraga community the night before Kambala. The ‘dolu seve’ continues until the completion of the Kambala on the next day after receiving offerings of betel leaf and nut from the family.


On the day of Kambala, rituals include ‘Hoovina pooje’ at the Shirva Mahatobhara Sri Vishnumurthi temple and offering ‘Tanu Tambila’ to Nagadevas of Gejjalu and Manjotti of Kambala. Later, ‘Bunta Kola’ is held and a procession featuring horns and musical instruments is carried out. In adherence to the age-old tradition, the Buffaloes of the Shirva Nadibettu family descend to the field, marking the commencement of the Kambala race. The Kambala concludes with the buffaloes of the Shirva Nangyettu family participating in the final run.

Following the completion of Kambala, the Banta Deiva performs a circumambulation around the Kambala field, returning to the house and with the ‘Agelu Seva’ the Kambala is concluded.

Shirva Nadibettu house

In the religious customs observed at the Shirva Nyarma Jarandaya temple, it is a traditional practice to conduct the Kambala festivities following the Chauthi and Diwali festival services in the month of Jarde. The flag hoisting ceremony at the Shirva Sri Vishnumurthi temple, during the transition of Perarde month, necessitates the inclusion of the Nadibettu Kambala. Following the flag hoisting event, the subsequent Tuesday the Maripuja will be held at Shirva Mahammai Marigudi temple.

Enna Kambula Baland

Centuries ago during the British rule, the residents who resisted the oppression of the British were often unjustly imprisoned, even when they were unable to meet revenue payments. During this period, the Kambala had to be organized before the festival of Lord Vishnumurthi, and a specific day was designated for this event. Despite pleas from family members, the British officer did not release the owner for the Kambala day. Undeterred by this injustice, the Kambala proceeded as scheduled. But a miraculous incident occurred which shocked the British officer.

The shirts worn by the imprisoned masters were miraculously drenched with the muddy water from the Kambala, and the owner cried loudly ‘Enna Kambula Baland’.  Shocked by this, the British officer sent his representatives to Shirva Nadibettu to understand the reason behind the Kambala. Upon learning about the Kambala, the British officer granted the owner a release with royal dignity. This incident, rooted in British tyranny, is considered by some as a precursor to the freedom struggle in the Shirva region.

Surya-Chandra Jodukare Kambala 

The historical Shirva Nadibettu Kambala, which dates back to the British rule, was later transformed into Surya–Chandra Jodukare Kambala in 1996. However, due to a Supreme Court order in 2014, the Kambala was canceled just one day prior to the main event. Later the event was concluded by following the age-old rituals.

The Shirva Nadibettu Kambala, rooted in tradition since time immemorial, gained prominence as the Surya-Chandra Jodukare Kambala under the auspices of the Kambala Samiti from 1996 to 2014. This historical transition marked a significant period in the evolution of the Kambala festival, contributing to its recognition and significance within the community.

After 2014, the Jodukare Kambala continued with approximately 45-50 pairs of buffaloes, embracing a daytime schedule.



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