How cloud computing is contributing to green technology?

11:44 AM Dec 07, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

With the impact of global warming now visible, environmental factors have become a focal point. It is why countries and the businesses and industries that run in them are trying to go sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. Thankfully, cloud computing which individuals and companies use, can help save the planet by addressing computing pollution. Here is how cloud computing is contributing to green technology. 

Energy Conservation 


Research has revealed that the companies that have switched to cloud computing could reduce total energy consumption by more than 50%. It is a common fact that running a local server consumes both energy and money. In addition, the maintenance cost associated with it is also high due to the high cost of the cooling system. 


However, by shifting to cloud computing, businesses were able to save a lot in their operation. To use cloud computing, however, it is crucial to have a good internet speed which you can check on either Speed Test or Airtel. Any business can cut operational costs with good internet speed and a suitable cloud computing platform. 

Reduces Carbon Footprint 

The power of cloud computing was visible when employees across the globe shifted to remote working during the global pandemic. With the option to work remotely, businesses can highly reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to cutting the carbon footprint by cutting down fuel emissions, it also helps reduce the real estate footprint. Furthermore, when teams work remotely, businesses can operate from a smaller office that consumes less energy.

Paperless Operation 


With digital advancement and now with cloud computing, many businesses across the globe have gone paperless. Plenty of apps in the cloud computing platform aid in the easy management of accounts and documents. Not only it helps in slowing down deforestation, but it also provides better security to all documents. 

High Utilization Rate 

Companies who invest in their private data centres often end up underutilizing the data centre. On the other hand, the cloud server has a high utilization rate, further boosting its efficiency. In private data centres, the device’s hardware often stays idle in many cases, which impacts the environment negatively and results in poor performance. However, public cloud servers with a high utilization rate positively impact the environment. 

Reduced Electricity Consumption 

As discussed above, a traditional data system requires an uninterrupted power supply to run and cool the system. Therefore, it results in high electricity consumption. However, the electricity consumption of cloud computing is meagre. A study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has proved the same, revealing that cloud computing, when used for a year, can save as much electricity as it can power the city of Los Angeles for a year. 

Is It Possible To Make Cloud Computing Cleaner?

To make cloud-computing cleaner, it is crucial to use it correctly, which involves taking a green approach towards it. Businesses can make cloud computing cleaner by creating energy-efficient infrastructure to house the cloud data centres. Furthermore, they should power the buildings with sustainable energy sources like solar and wind energy. 


Furthermore, companies should opt for cloud service providers instead of building their own data centres, which bear transportation costs, electricity consumption and maintenance costs. Also, cloud computing platforms allow businesses to use their functionalities when needed instead of continuously spending resources to maintain a data centre. 


However, even the extensive cloud computing platforms have their problems. It is because nearly 25% of cloud computing platforms still need to be fully utilized. It is maintained round the clock to ensure uptime, providing customers with a delightful experience. More work needs to be done in this aspect to ensure that cloud computing is utilized fully. 

The Need To Shift To Cloud Computing

The overall picture clearly indicates that cloud computing contributes to green technology regardless of its disadvantage. However, to reap its maximum benefit, it is vital to ensure that more and more individuals and businesses use cloud computing for their work. The more people use cloud computing, the more its utilization and efficiency will help create a better world for tomorrow. Big companies like Google are already figuring out ways to make cloud computing more eco-friendly. In addition, individuals can join hands towards a better environment by switching to cloud computing platforms. Lastly, businesses should opt for public cloud computing servers whenever possible instead of building their own private data centres.


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