I-T action against BBC perturbing for India’s image: Congress

03:58 PM Feb 15, 2023 | PTI |



Condemning the Income Tax survey at the BBC’s offices, the Congress on Wednesday asked what image of India is Prime Minister Narendra Modi projecting through such actions at a time when the country is hosting the G-20.
Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera said anyone questioning Prime Minister Modi about his past is “raided” and accused the government of demolishing the fourth pillar of democracy.

The Income Tax Department survey operation against BBC India continued for the second day on Wednesday with sleuths understood to be making copies of electronic and paper-based financial data of the organisation, officials said.

The Indian media has been repeatedly “strangulated, muzzled and bulldozed” by the Modi government, just because some of them, a very small number, have refused to toe the line of the BJP, he alleged.

“When Modi ji was dreaming of becoming the prime minister of the country, then he was a dedicated follower of the same BBC,” Khera told reporters here.


“Demolishing the fourth pillar of democracy has now become a mundane thing in ‘New India’. Modi ji had promised to run ‘Start Up India’, but in ‘amrit kaal’ it has become ‘Shut Up India’,” the Congress leader said.

This year, it is India’s turn to host the G20, which is a big event, and “what image of India is Modi ji presenting to the world with this raid?” he asked.

“By giving the slogan of ‘Mother of Democracy’, he himself has become the ‘father of hypocrisy’,” Khera said.
The Congress spokesperson said Prime Minister Modi has received several awards from foreign entities and has publicly touted these. But when some foreign entities criticised him, they were raided or termed “anti-national”, Khera said.

When Prime Minister Modi’s past is exposed by the BBC, “then he uses investigation agencies as his ‘frontal organisations’ to raid an international media outlet”, he said.

“This is particularly perturbing for India’s image because we are hosting the G-20 Summit and the Modi government is going gaga over it (G-20),” Khera said.

“What kind of justice is this Modi ji? If you get an award then boast about it using your PR (public relations) machinery to the whole wide world, and if the same media outlets, if the same international media sets your ‘record’ straight, then you unleash your arrogance of power,” the Congress leader said.

The tax department had launched surveys on Tuesday at the BBC’s Delhi and Mumbai offices along with at least two linked premises as part of an investigation into alleged tax evasion against the British broadcaster in India.

The action comes weeks after the broadcaster aired a two-part documentary, “India: The Modi Question”.


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