In Brazil, a baby was born with a 12-cm long ‘Human Tail’

11:19 AM Nov 07, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Doctors in Brazil have reported a once-in-a-lifetime incidence of a baby boy being born with a 12 cm long tail with a ball at the end. It’s been dubbed a “genuine human tail” by physicians.


Despite scientists’ surprise at the baby’s birth with such an appendage, the tail and the “ball” were successfully removed after surgery. According to media reports, the baby was born at the Albert Sabin Children’s Hospital in Fortaleza, Brazil.

The kid born with the ‘chain and ball’ was photographed and published in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports.

The pictures revealed that the baby had a lengthy tail-like extension with a ball-like bulk at the end. Despite being born 35 weeks early, the kid had no issues other than the tail and the ball protruding from his body.

Following an ultrasound examination, it was determined that there was no risk connected with the ‘tail’ being attached to the child’s nervous system, and the operation was carried out. Doctors, on the other hand, refused to reveal more information about how the tail and ball were removed.


Human babies do grow a ‘tail’ similar to this when they are four to eight weeks old, according to doctors, but it normally goes back inside the body, resulting in the formation of a human tailbone below the sacrum spine in the human body.

However, in extremely uncommon cases like this, the tail continues to develop, and just 40 children have been found with such tails in recorded pediatric history.


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