In memory of loved ones: Last Ripple Foundation plants over 50,000 trees across Bengaluru

12:35 PM Jun 05, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

Bengaluru: A resident of Hebbala, Pramod Chandrasekhar along with his group of friends are making waves with their Last Ripple Foundation, an organization dedicated to planting and nurturing saplings in memory of deceased individuals and animals.


Inspired by the iconic Salumara Thimmakka, known for her row of roadside trees, Pramod and his team of friends have successfully planted over 50,000 saplings in the past four years.

The seeds of Pramod’s initiative were sown during his college days in 2018 when he conducted research on the declining ecosystem of Bengaluru. Simultaneously, he experienced the loss of his grandmother, which deeply impacted him. The heartfelt slogan, “For every death, plant a tree,” resonated with Pramod, leading him and his friends to pledge to plant a tree in honor of any human or animal demise they encountered in the city.

Following his graduation, Pramod established the Last Ripple Foundation and actively engaged in planting saplings in response to dog deaths, collaborating with animal hospitals, dog hospitals, and animal NGOs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the trees planted were dedicated to those who lost their lives due to the virus.

Since its inception in December 2019, the Last Ripple Foundation has joined hands with various colleges and NGOs, embarking on an ambitious mission to plant and nurture more than 50,000 saplings. The greenery has flourished in numerous locations, including Jayanagar, Cubbon Park, MG Road, and Yalahanka in Bengaluru, with apartments, college campuses, and neighborhoods actively participating in the campaign. To accommodate space constraints, potted plants are provided to apartment dwellers when their pet dogs pass away. In cases where space is limited, soil is excavated in BBMP parks or crematories to plant a tree in memory of the deceased.


The Last Ripple Foundation has garnered support from over 150 volunteers and 13 colleges in Bengaluru. These dedicated individuals, known as Green Volunteers, diligently maintain the plants in their respective areas by ensuring regular watering and nutrient supply, either bi-weekly or monthly. In parks, the local residents take responsibility for caring for the planted saplings.

Pramod Chandrasekhar, the visionary behind the Last Ripple Foundation, believes that every living being leaves behind countless cherished memories with their families. By cultivating and preserving the memories of these beings, it becomes our responsibility to protect the environment by planting and nurturing trees.

The Last Ripple Foundation stands as a testament to the power of a compassionate vision, inspiring the citizens of Bengaluru to honor the departed while actively contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.


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