Inaction by State police to bring incarcerated Rashid Malbari back to India!

01:51 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |
  • Notorious underworld criminal Rashid Malbari is imprisoned at ‘Al-Wathba’ jail in Abu Dhabi

Mangaluru: There are signs that Karnataka police is not showing any interest to bring India’s most wanted underworld criminal Rashid Malbari back to India. Four years back, Rashid Malbari got bail and went missing. However, since three months he has been incarcerated at ‘Al-Wathba’ jail in Abu Dhabi. He is wanted in numerous cases and the state police which has issued Lookout Notice and Red Corner Notice against him is failing to show any signs of interest to bring the very same criminal back to India.


The surprising fact is that the police in Mangaluru also know of this present incarceration at ‘Al-Wathba’ jail in Abu Dhabi. Though he is wanted in the many cases relating murder and robbery in Mangaluru as well as at various locations in the state, the police have not come forward to initiate any legal action to extradite the criminal back to India.

According to the information gathered by ‘Udayavani’, Rashid Malbari was arrested in the last week of June at Abu Dhabi airport. His associate who hails from BC road was also nabbed. Since the last three months, the duo have been imprisoned at ‘Al-Wathba’ central jail. In the backdrop of good relations with India, the Abu Dhabi police are ready to hand over Rashid Malbari. But, it is being said that since no legal process has been initiated from India’s side, it has not been possible to hand him over.

“Rashid Malbari is imprisoned at Abu Dhabi’s Al Wathba jail. We have seen him in there last week at the latest. But the Indian police have to give documents to ascertain that he is indeed Rashid Malbari. Rashid has been incarcerated for 3 months and hence may be released at any moment on bail,” informed a source from Abu Dhabi to ‘Udayavani’.

He has been incarcerated says his brother


On the other hand, ‘Udayavani’ contacted the Indian Embassy to verify the incarceration of Rashid Malbari in Abu Dhabi. But the officials refused to give more information. An official from Bengaluru police has said that it is true that Rashid Malbari has been imprisoned at Al Wathba jail. A brother of Rashid Malbari is in BC Road and has accepted before the police that Malbari has been incarcerated at Abu Dhabi Jail.  Though there is definite information from many sources confirming Malbari’s incarceration, the lack of interest shown by the state police to bring him to India is raising many eyebrows.

Underworld criminal’s background

The police have already issued a warrant, Look Out Notice and Red Corner Notice against Rashid Malbari (46) a close associate of Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim. He was imprisoned at Bengaluru jail and got conditional bail on June 21st 2014. According to the bail, he was supposed to report to the police station regularly.  Five days later, on July 26th 2014 he was supposed to appear in front of Mangaluru Court in relation to a case, but he failed to appear. Only then, did the police realize that Malbari had failed to report to the police station and was indeed absconding. Since then Rashid went missing without a clue. Previously, on March 29th 2009, the then Mangaluru DCIB Inspector Dr. HN Venkatesh Prasanna and team had caught Rashid Malbari (originally from Udupi) at Chattanchal in Kerala and imprisoned him the following day.

Why was Rashid Malbari incarcerated?

Rashid Malbari got conditional bail in relation to a case four years back, following which he escaped via Nepal to Bangladesh. Later, he made a Bangladeshi passport and was indulged in underworld activity. He had planned to establish himself in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Accordingly, he wished to get a permanent visa through the submission of false documents. However, the Abu Dhabi police came to know Rashid’s attempt to create duplicate visa and hence arrested him. On further interrogation, he revealed that the Bangladeshi passport that he was possessing was also a duplicate. It is being said that the Abu Dhabi police have already contacted Bangladesh government for further information in this regard.

Process to bring him back

To bring back Rashid Malbari, the state police need to work along with the Interpol. For now, there is only one case against Rashid in Bengaluru but there are many more against him in Mangaluru. Therefore, Mangaluru police must first verify if he has been indeed incarcerated or not. Mangaluru police are in possession of the fingerprints of all the 10 digits of Rashid and also have his video clip. Hence, Mangaluru police must first send an arrest request to Abu Dhabi police through the Interpol. Later, they have to verify his identity through the fingerprints and video clipping and then provide documents for his extradition, inform the police.

“We have not received any information on the incarceration of Rashid Malbari,” said T R Suresh, Mangaluru City Police Commissioner.

“There is no official information on the incarceration of Rashid Malbari in Abu Dhabi. In case we get official information from Interpol and CBI, he will be brought to the state through the legal process,” said Kamal Pant, ADGP, Law and order.

Article by Suresh Puduvettu translated to English by Aaron Dmello


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