Increase in mosquito bites: Fogging not yet done

01:57 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Savanur: This times monsoon has begun with a good start. But, right behind it, the instances of viral fever have also increased. Also, have the mosquito bites increased. Many diseases spread due to these mosquitoes. Though the number patients suffering from fever is increasing the health department has not yet woken up.


Combination of sun and rain

The heat of the sun in-between the rain has helped in exponentially increasing the mosquito population. If the rain pours down continuously, instead of increasing in numbers, the mosquitoes will get destroyed.

The number of patients is increasing by the day and most of the patients have got themselves admitted in private hospitals and are receiving treatment. Due to this, it is difficult to calculate the number of patients with respect to the various diseases. If admitted at the government hospital, the health department gets the clear information. Action on proper awareness and prevention of disease can be taken then

Demand for blood


During the monsoon, when there are cases of dengue fever, the demand for blood increases. Many times, lack of blood troubles the patients. In order to mitigate the lack of blood, more blood is collected through blood donation camps. Yet, the essential amount of blood remains lacking.


Since the fever spreads due to mosquitoes, fogging must be carried at all the residential areas. Though the intensity of the fever is increasing, the health department has not yet started fogging. One can’t stand still in the market or the mosquitoes will ambush. The department must immediately come forward and start fogging, said Ramachandra Gowda of Savanur.

Since the mosquitoes multiple through stagnant water, the citizens should see look after the cleanliness in their vicinity. They should take responsibility and see to it that there is no stagnant water in their vicinity.

Dengue fear

Since the last six years, the number of dengue cases have been getting registered at the highest rate which is a cause for fear. This time too, a few individuals have lost their lives to suspected dengue fever. Because of this, people are compelled to rush to the hospital even for viral fever.

Conduct awareness programme

Last year, health department conducted awareness programmes by distributing handbills through schools, colleges, public programmes and with help from local institutions. This year too, the health department has conducted awareness programmes at a few places, but they have not turned out to be effective.


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