India is facing an undeclared emergency: SDPI

01:51 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: "India is facing an undeclared emergency. BJP led government is curbing the voices that are raised against the government's anti-people policies. Public lynching and riots have now become common all over the country. People are looting banks and fleeing from the country. The entire Indian market is collapsed due to demonetization and people have suffered a lot," said M K Faizy, national president of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI).


"Narendra Modi cheated the citizens of India with his fake promises. Corporate people like Vijay Mallya are openly saying that they left India with the permission of the Union minister. In our country, a farmer faces a lot of obstacles to get a loan of a mere Rs one lac sanctioned. But the corporate people get huge loans without any guarantee and finally when they are unable to pay, they flee from the country," he added, continuing his barrage against the Modi government.

Speaking about BJP government's religion based politics Faizy said, "BJP is dividing the nation on the basis of religion. It is making separate policies for Muslims and Hindus. The whole situation of our country is worst under this NDA government. So it is time for us to unite and save our nation. It is time for all secular parties to join together and prevent the thought of dividing the nation. SDPI supports such an effort in order to save the Indian constitution. It is ready to join hands with parties and people who stand for the nation and its constitution."


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