Indore man seen eating "Vimal Maggi", internet says "Yuck!"

11:09 AM Jun 13, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

What lengths would you go to stand out from the crowd? It turns out that when it comes to some genuinely weird meal combos, the sky is the limit.


However, an Indore man Rohit Chouhan attempted to give his own twist to Maggi, arguably India’s favorite instant noodles, and the internet was not amused at all. What did he do, you ask? Chauhan blended Viamal pan masala into Maggi.

The man sitting on a parked motorcycle can be seen emptying a sachet of our beloved chewing tobacco, Vimal, into a bowl of Maggi noodles in a viral video that has racked up 3 million views thanks to an outlandish recipe that could as well have been causing people cancer.

We wish this was a made-up story. The experimenter’s face made it difficult to determine if the masala had worked its magic, but Rohit was munching away like he’d done it before.

“Dane dane me kesar ka dam,” the content creator commented on Instagram, referring to the popular Vimal phrase before the firm omitted the “kesar” from it.


The hysterical food-combination gimmick has succeeded in achieving its goal of triggering individuals.

Despite his ingenuity, the Indori may not be the first person to combine the finest of both worlds.

Here’s an older version of the same nonsense, complete with a parody song.



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