Injuries at Jallikattu rise, as second event begins at Palamedu in Madurai

02:36 PM Jan 16, 2023 | PTI |

Madurai (TN): At least 75 persons including bull tamers and owners were injured during the jallikattu bull taming sport held at Avaniyapuram in the district and another 18 sustained injuries at the event currently underway at Palamedu on Monday.


Injuries did not seem to deter the enthusiasm of the dauntless tamers, who charged at the bulls every time they were released, with renewed vigour.

A bull owner who was walking out of the arena in Palamedu with a plastic chair gifted to him had to wield the chair to save himself from a ferocious bull that attempted to gore him while having almost a free run evading being restrained by the boisterous young tamers. The chair got smashed in the process but he eventually managed to save himself from the sharp horns.

The Palamedu jallikattu is the second high-profile competition in the district.

Another bull tossed about 10 youngsters who got closer to hold on to the hump in the hope of displaying their prowess, but found that the animal turned out to be stronger than all. The bull flung them around by angrily shaking his head and avoided being caught. The bull was adjudged the winner and he earned a four gram gold as prize for his owner.


The jallikattu in Palamedu here, which is being held on Mattu Pongal day dedicated to cattle, witnessed an intense contest. It saw at least 18 persons injured. They were provided first aid at the venue.

The 2023 Pongal season’s first jallikattu held at Avaniyapuram here on Sunday coinciding with first day of the harvest festival left about 75 persons injured. Nearly 20 among them were provided advanced trauma life support put up by the administration at the venue, officials said.

As many as 737 bulls were released at the Avaniyapuram bull taming sport event which saw the participation of 257 bull tamers who had provided RT-PCR negative reports and also a certificate that they were fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Nearly, 800 bulls would be released from the Vadivasal (entry point) at Palamedu where 335 tamers are participating today.

State Commercial Taxes Minister P Moorthy flagged off the jallikattu in the presence of Madurai district collector S Aneesh Sekhar.

As the bulls darted into the arena with ferocity, frenzied tamers vied with one another to grapple with the animals. The men refused to give up every time despite being flung by the bulls. As the majestic bulls and determined tamers battled it out to display their prowess, Palamedu sustained the Pongal jallikattu fervour.

Those animals which refused to be tamed were announced as winners.

Elaborate security arrangement was made by the district administration and police.

The district would witness this traditional sport at Alanganallur on January 17.


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