International Men's Day 2020: Importance of the Day in the world of gender equality

11:14 AM Nov 19, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

International Men’s Day is observed annually to create awareness about men’s health and also to promote gender equality. The objective to create awareness about men’s mental health and on this day, discrimination against men is also highlighted so as to improve gender relations and equality.


According to Republic World, International Men’s Day was originally inaugurated on February 7 by Thomas Oaster. Along with the attempt by Oaster, there were many attempts made to celebrate the contributions of men. However, it wasn’t until November 19, 1999, when Dr Jerome Teelucksingh re-initialised the day in Trinidad and Tobago.

The new event received overwhelming support in the Caribbean, and due to the persistent networking and invitations sent to individuals in other nations, International Men’s Day has taken root on the international scene. In 2007, India celebrated International Men’s Day for the first time.

International Men’s day theme in 2020 is “Better health for men and boys.”

Importance of the Day


The day celebrates the positive contribution of men to society, community, family, childcare and environment. The day also focuses on men’s health and well-being includes all aspects social, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Also, it highlights discrimination against men, improve gender relations and promote gender equality.

Women empowerment and feminism movement are gaining popularity all over the world. Women are now waging a war against patriarchy and reservations related to it. Men are also supporting women as they fight for their rights. But it must be noted that feminism does not mean robbing men of their rights and handing them over to women.

One must fight for equal rights reserved for women as well as men in all facets of the society.


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