Is Ro Khanna running for president? Yes says his Indian American colleagues in Congress

08:46 AM May 17, 2024 | PTI |

Washington: Dynamic Indian American Congressman Ro Khanna, 47, is headed towards running for presidency of the United States, his Indian American colleagues in the US House of Representatives believe.


Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and Congressman Shri Thanedar said this during a panel discussion at the annual Indian American Impact Summit here, when moderator Zohreen Shah, ABC national correspondent, asked the panelists to respond to her question in yes or no.

“Is Ro Khanna running for president?” she asked. “Yes, Yes. Absolutely yes,” Thanedar said amidst cheers from the Indian American audience. Khanna represents the 17th Congressional District of California, which primarily comprises of Silicon Valley.

“Who knows?” Khanna said amidst laughter. “The answer is Yes,” said Pramila Jayapal. “And we all know it,” she said. “We will see,” said Dr Ami Bera, the senior most Indian American in the US House of Representatives.

All the four made a rare joint appearance at the Impact Summit as they participated in a panel discussion on “Desis Decide” at the end of which Shah asked a series of rapid fire questions.


“Number of years before we have an Indian American president?” Shah asked.

“Less than a decade,” Dr Bera said.

“Very soon,” Jayapal said.

“Within a decade,” Khanna responded.

“In four years,” was the response from Thanedar.

When asked about their favourite Indian movies, Thanedar said “Kabhi Khushi, Kabhie Gham”, for Khanna it is “Mr India”, was “Lagan” for Jayapal. Bera said he has not watched Hindi movies.

“Who should play you in a biopic? Bollywood Star or Hollywood Indian,” was another question asked to them.

Bera said Dev Patel. Jayapal said Mindy Kaling. Khanna said Kal Pen. “Absolutely, Shah Rukh Khan,” said Thanedar.

“Indian food or snack you should stay away from but cannot,” Shah asked as her first rapid fire question. “Any of the hosts of the Indian sweets. Should stay away from them, but cannot,” Bera said “Anything fried, pakora in particular,” Jayapal said.

“I love halva,” Khanna said. “Ladoos,” was the answer from Thanedar.

“On Time or Desi Time,” was another question fired by Shah.

“Desi Time,” said Thanedar.

“Desi time, but because I want to be married, I’ve gotten better at it,” Khanna said amidst laughter.

“Desi Time is what is real, but on time is what I am,” Jayapal said. “On time,” Bera said.

By Lalit K Jha


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