Jet stopped: Lack of alternate flight service

01:39 AM Apr 05, 2020 | aaron |

Mangaluru: Jet Airways which was providing flight services to various location nationally and globally with the slogan “The Joy of Flying” has temporarily terminated all its services from Wednesday and this has adversely affected the passengers from Karavali. Though there are talks in progress regarding the provision of alternate or additional flight service, no conclusion has yet been arrived upon.


Not only passengers travelling to Mumbai have been seriously affected, also those travelling to Dubai and Muscat are in a fix. Since last year, Jet airways started 13 flights from Mangaluru international Airport (MIA) to Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Dubai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, New Delhi and other locations.

In the backdrop of facing financial crises, Jet has terminated all its services globally. On Wednesday, it cancelled the last flight from MIA to Mumbai.

Two Jet flights to Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been cancelled since Dec 4th. Though there was a slim hope that the flights may be resumed when the company declared that all its service stand terminated which has only further sadden the passengers.

12,000 passengers!


Previously, at least 3 Jet flights used to arrive-depart from MIA daily. In other words, almost 400 passengers used to travel from MIA daily. Hence, monthly 12,000 passengers were depending on the flights. Now they are compelled to look for other flight services.

The termination of 13 flights within a few months has massively affected airline services. Because of this, Mangalurean passengers have to face the pressure of depending on some other city or make use of some other airline company. For now, Karavali is facing a greater adverse result from this lack of flight service.

No direct flight to New Delhi!

Currently Spice Jet, Indigo, Air India, Air India Express airlines are providing flight services from MIA to Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Dubai, Doha, Qatar, Sharjah, Bharain, Kuwait and Muscat.

Till now, there was a Jet Airways flight from Mangaluru to New Delhi. However, this flight has been terminated since many days. Thus there is no direct flight from MIA to New Delhi presently. The only way to reach Delhi by flight is to travel from Mumbai or Bengaluru.

Lack of choice

Passengers travelling from Mangaluru are facing a shortage of choice. Even though there are services available from other companies, the pressure will rise. Normally, it was possible to book a plane ticket at a minimum of 5-10 days before the day of travel. But now, due to the lack of service and the rise in demand, the ticket needs to be inevitably booked way earlier. In case of an emergency, one might have to pay a fortune to get a flight ticket. In case, the other flight companies initiate additional flights than the intensity of the problem may be reduced. But no official decision has yet been taken regarding this.

Service from another company expected

“Jet Airways which was providing flights from Mangaluru has temporarily stopped all its services. Tis has caused problem to the passenger. Attempts are being made to get any other airline company to provide flight new services in the slots where the previous flights have been cancelled,” informed V V Rao, Director, Mangaluru Airport Authority


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