Vehicle owners’ woes continue even as June 12 deadline for HSRP registration nears

09:33 AM May 31, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru/Udupi: The nationwide process of installing High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) is ongoing. While many have already installed them on their vehicles, some are still facing issues that require them to visit police stations for resolution.


The government has assigned the responsibility of making number plates to private companies. Despite submitting proper documents, some customers have received incorrect number plates. While some have rectified these errors, others are still in the process. As June 12 is the final deadline, and the transport department is considering imposing fines thereafter, vehicle owners are now motivated to replace their registration plates.

What’s the issue?

There have been numerous reports across the state of customers either providing incorrect information or receiving number plates with incorrect details after providing the correct information on the HSRP registration website.

Hundreds of such cases have occurred in various showrooms, including in the Udupi district. If there is an error on the number plate, the correction process is quite slow.


FIR mandatory:

Vehicles registered after 2019 are provided with HSRP number plates by the respective agency before they hit the road.

For vehicles registered before this, if there is an error in the HSRP number plate and it needs to be reapplied, an FIR copy is mandatory. This compels customers to visit police stations.

However, since police do not have the authority to file FIRs without valid reasons, some people falsely report vehicle theft to obtain an FIR.

Benefits of HSRP

These registration plates contain all the information about the vehicle. They make it easier to locate stolen vehicles. It also helps prevent stolen vehicles from being used in criminal activities.

Unauthorized changes to number plates are not possible, and the information on them cannot be altered.

What should be done?

If an incorrect number is printed on the number plate, it can be rectified online. Visit Click on the replacement/retain/transfer option. Then, enter the state, registration number, vehicle chassis number, engine number, and CAPTCHA code, and click.

Follow the subsequent instructions and submit the incorrectly printed number plate along with related documents.

Alternatively, you can email the relevant documents to A new number plate will be sent free of charge within 10 days, according to HSRP registration customer support officials.

White plate instead of yellow!

There have also been instances where tourist vehicles received white-plate registration numbers (which is for private vehicles) instead of yellow plates and vice versa. However, an FIR is not applicable in these cases.

Despite multiple discussions between vehicle dealers and key HSRP officials, these issues have ended with assurances but no tangible results.

“Several complaints regarding the confusion with HSRP registration numbers have already been received. Instructions have been given to the respective agencies to resolve the issue. Appropriate measures will be taken soon to simplify the correction process,” saod L.P. Nayak, ARTO, Udupi

Translated from Kannada article by Naveen Ilathila and Puneeth Salian


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