Just for hugs! Cuddles from this professional cost Rs 7k for every hour

12:05 PM Jul 18, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Career paths one can pursue today are perhaps varied as never before in history. One can take the oft-beaten path of becoming a doctor, engineer, or entrepreneur. But once in a while, we come across certain professions that completely stump us.


Trevor Hooton, a 30-year-old from Bristol in England has chosen one such profession to earn his living.

According to Mirror,  Hooton is a ‘professional cuddler’ who uses hugs to calm people. Clients queue up for his hugs paying as much as Rs 7,000 (£75) for an hour.

He offers “cuddle therapy” through his business Embrace Connections which was set up several months ago in Bristol (UK), a Mirror report said.

However, he says that his work is often misunderstood, with some even mistaking it for sex work, Mirror reports, citing Leicestershire Live.


“I built a business based on my passion for building human connections. Many people struggle to make those and that’s where I step in. It’s more than just cuddling, it’s giving people the things they need, whatever that might be. With cuddle therapists, you’re hiring their time, attention, and care. It’s more than just hugging a stranger,” Hooton was quoted as saying.

The process can be a little uncomfortable at first for many of his clients. “Some people do find it a little awkward at first, but that’s totally normal, and they quickly feel comfortable. People should ask themselves ‘if you could have an hour to do nothing but feel cared for, supported, and loved, how would it make you feel?” he further added.


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