Kakkur murder case: Skeleton does not belong to Venkatramana Bhat

01:43 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |
  • Kakkur murder which created much curiosity takes a new turn

Puttur: Kakkur murder which created much curiosity has taken a new turn. The skeleton which had temporary closure the Kakkur murder case, now has been confirmed by the forensic lab at Pune that the skeleton’s not that of Kakkur Venkatramana Bhat.


The skeleton found in the middle of the forest and blood samples of Venkatramana’s brother have failed to give a positive match, inform the report from the lab. In this way, the case in which four people of the same house has once again come to the foreground. Till now it as being believed that Venkatramana had murdered his wife Sandhya, children Harigovinda, Vedya, Vinuta and then committed suicide. But now the report has revealed that Venkatramana has not died and the skeleton has some other story related to it.

A week before the four members of a single family were murdered, a burglary attempt had been committed at the same house. There is rumours that a search for Nagamani had also taken place. Hence it is being said that the cause for the murder could be the mystery of the Nagamani. Due to all these backgrounds, the complicity of the case has only increased. There several question needing answers including where is the missing Kakkur Venkatramana Bhat? Who murdered the people of the same family? To whom does the skeleton found in the middle f the forest belong to? Is there any connection between the search for the Nagamani and this incident?

The incident

On June 12th 2012, a mother along with three of her children were found murdered at their house in Kakkur near Renja. The incident came to light 3 days later when the electricity meter reader had visited the house. As information was making rounds stating that the murder had been committed by the astrologer and traditional medicine practitioner Venkatramana Bhat, a skeleton was found in the middle of Kakkur forest on Nov 13th 2012. The finding of the skeleton seemed like the case was nearing its conclusion. But now, after the report from the forensics lab in Pune, the case seems to be far from closure.


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