Karnataka AAP unit describes Demonetisation as Rs 8 lakh Cr scam

12:46 PM Feb 19, 2017 | Team Udayavani |

Bengaluru: The whole nation is eager to know the truth about PM Narendra Modi’s demonetization, on the completion of 100 days of the mega drama. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has maintained that this is ‘Rs. 8 lakh crore scam’ from Day One, and has found no reason to change a single word. With 150 deaths, loss of 4 lakh plus jobs, several cash intensive small industries being wiped out of business but most of all, the BJP led NDA Government is unable to tell us what is the truth of demonetization and the RBI stands discredited as a Central Bank, said AAP in a press meet held at Bengaluru press club on Saturday.


Up to December 30, 2016, the media estimated that more than 80% of the 14.5 lakh crore worth of big notes have come back to RBI, but the counting of notes have note been completed by RBI and is behaving as if people dumped truckloads of money in their backyard, an argument which is totally unbelievable in the age of computerization of all bank branches including the rural and co-op. sector ones.

AAP is ready to tell the Government how much loss this madness of demonetization has caused to the country, based on media estimates and other reliable figures. Can the NDA Government tell us how much money came back and how much of benefit it has been to the country? The 125 crore people, who thought that this move was indeed in the interest of the country and readily sacrificed their time and underwent untold hardships standing in queues, would like to know what the nation has gained after all this. Not only the economists of the world are unable to understand the effect of demonetization, even the FM and RBI Governor have been unable to decipher the reason behind this move.

BJP’s own leaders are finding it difficult to defend the demonetization and are going around begging their voters, in election bound states, not to punish them for a move in which they had no say. So how does the Government say that it was a success?

Modi ji said that it was to curb black money but we do not the figures on that. He said that it was to kill the counterfeit currency business from across the border but the recent catch of fake notes, which came from Pakistan via Bangladesh recently, are so sophisticated that they had to be sent to a forensic laboratory to find out if it is fake or not. In fact, FM Jaitley ji had told that Parliament that only 0.002% of notes in circulation is counterfeit. Did that call for such a demonic step? Everything he told us about demonetization turned out to be another jumla. Has corruption come down? Have terrorist attacks come down? In fact India is the only state which has had the highest terror attacks and to bear the maximum bomb blasts in the world. Has the price of petrol/diesel come down?  We demand that PM Narendra Modi come from hiding & answer the people of India.


Yes, but something we can clearly see. Soldiers who spoke of bad service condition have gone missing. Rs.1.4 lakh crore corporate loans have been written off, including that of Vijay Mallya. Are those big shots all you can see? Can’t you see the charred body of a farmer from North Karnataka Najab Sab, who committed suicide by touching a live transformer? Why haven’t you written off the loans of poor farmers and preventing them from committing suicide? Modi ji, more than 70% of Karnataka has been declared as “drought hit”, so please tell us when are you going to release the funds for drought relief?

If you say that the health of our economy was good justifying the timing of your taking that drastic step, then that was what you inherited and all your screaming about 60 years loot was bogus or if you admit that the condition of our economy was not healthy, then your demonetization was a Thuglaqi blunder, as being endorsed by senior industrialists, one after another.

In any case the nation wants to know and AAP will not keep quiet and keep on questioning the BJP Leaders who had initially defended the Demonetization. AAP will be the voice of every common man & will make sure that BJP led Central Government is accounted for the demonetization.


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