Karnataka govt to consider changes to "guarantee" schemes post-election?

09:31 AM Jun 06, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

The ruling Congress in Karnataka, reeling from an unexpected setback in the recent Lok Sabha elections, has decided to reassess its popular “guarantee” schemes. These schemes, which were instrumental in the party’s victory in the assembly elections, did not yield the same success in the national polls, prompting internal discussions about their future.


Election Promises Under Scrutiny

The guarantees, which were pivotal in the Congress’s assembly win, have been implemented as promised. However, their impact was not as significant in the Lok Sabha elections. This discrepancy has led to a debate within the party about the appropriateness of continuing these schemes.

Party members are questioning whether these guarantees should be maintained, altered, or discontinued. Discussions are also focusing on whether the benefits are effectively reaching the intended recipients and if the implementation process needs tightening to better target the poor.

No Immediate Changes


Despite the concerns, the government has no immediate plans to discontinue the guarantees. With local body elections on the horizon, the administration is keen to avoid any drastic changes. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has assured that the guarantees will continue even after the Lok Sabha elections. Sources indicate that any reconsideration of these schemes will likely occur post the local body elections.

Regional Impact and Mixed Results

The effectiveness of the guarantees has varied across different regions. In areas with high poverty and migration, such as Kalyan Karnataka, the schemes have had a notable impact. Of the nine seats Congress won, five were from this region. This suggests that the guarantees resonated more in areas facing greater economic challenges.

In contrast, the party’s performance was less impressive in other parts of Karnataka. While Congress saw success in regions like Kittoor, it faced setbacks in Dakshina Kannada where the BJP-JDS alliance gained ground.

Food Minister K.H. Muniyappa remarked, “In Karnataka, we received mixed results. We won constituencies in Kalyan Karnataka and some parts of Kittoor. However, in Dakshina Kannada, the BJP-JDS alignment set us back, though Congress did gain extra votes. The guarantees worked, resulting in nine seats, but internal disunity cost us.”

Agriculture Minister N. Chaluvarayaswamy expressed uncertainty about the electorate’s motivations, stating, “I don’t know if people voted for the alliance of opposition parties or based on community affiliations. It seems people are not standing for the guarantees. JDS and BJP did not need guarantees. There is backlash against the guarantees, especially in the old Mysore region, which is more backward.”


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