Karnataka woman turns breast milk into jewellery for mothers

10:12 AM Nov 15, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Namitha Naveen of Bengaluru has created unique breastmilk jewellery and a wide selection of keepsakes utilising the umbilical cord, milk teeth, first cut nails, and hair of a newborn child.


Namitha felt to preserve the memories, when she gave birth to her son. She wanted to cherish the memories of breastfeeding and the childhood of the baby forever.

As the child grew, her idea also took shape in terms of making jewels using mother’s milk, umbilical cord of the child, first cut nails, and hair. Namitha had done her MSc in Biotechnology which came in handy with her research.

Today, her jewels reverberate with life and tokens of their memories which could be carried throughout. Namitha Naveen, whose passion to preserve memories took the shape of entrepreneurship by launching Mumma’s Mlkytale jewels.

Namitha told IANS, that many parents keep first cut fingers with them in paper or box to cherish the memories of their child. But, it will get lost. “When they are with you as a pendant, ring, earrings, the memories could be cherished forever, in a beautiful way. The jewels are also being made with milk teeth, umbilical cord, first cut nails, hair and mother’s milk,” she says.


Sudha Anand from Bengaluru told IANS, “I got the umbilical cord and milk both preserved in the form of jewellery. I think it is one of the best jewelleries that I have in my locker at the moment.

It is something that she has made for her son, so that she could gift it to him on his 18th birthday and tell him how they were connected for nine months and after the pregnancy.

It’s a great memory or souvenir to keep for lifetime. “I had no idea on making a jewel like that. A friend of mine told me that I should actually do something like this. My son was born on May 10 and I ensured that we got this jewellery done because it is a lifetime keepsake,” she explained.

“We have been trying to have a baby for a long time, almost eight years. We understand the value of parenthood more than anything else. I think it’s a most cherished moment. Sooner or later the baby is going to grow up. Only these kinds of keepsakes are the ones that bring back those beautiful memories that we connected throughout the journey,” she explained.

Divya from Hyderabad said, loved everything that has been made, the gift is so beautiful, she has no words to thank, it has made her breastfeeding journey beautiful.

Namitha was into arts and crafts from childhood. She first started with lifecasting five years ago. Mostly young mothers are her clients.

She began her research by searching on the Internet and came up with her own formulation. “It was challenging as the milk turned into black or brown. It took a long time of 6 to 8 months of research,” she said.

“Recently we did one couple ring for parents from Mumbai. The jewellery was made using the umbilical cord of their departed baby. It was so touching, we had emotional tears,” Namitha recalled.

“We get the jewels made from a jeweller and in that piece we preserve mother’s milk or baby’s hair, nail or umbilical cord. The orders are received from Across India. We are first I guess to make this unique type of jewels,” she says.

Some are getting the pendants made with four inclusions of breast milk, baby hair, nails and umbilical cord. Mother’s milk heart jewel and simple heart keepsake have also become popular.

She explains that processing is very tedious. Mother’s milk has to be preserved for one day and after using the chemical it has to be dried again. Then, it has to be crushed again and it has to dry. These steps are very important. Each one has to be followed. So, that is why everything is customised, she adds.

The jewellery is available from Rs 1,300 to Rs 3,500 for silver and gold coated jewel articles. Customised articles will be charged on weight and making charges.

Namitha is single-handedly carrying out the tasks with the support of her husband. “There is an increase in demand for umbilical cord jewellery. They will be crushed and added into jewellery or made into pendants where a piece of umbilical cord is floating in a glass ball,” she says.

(With inputs from IANS)


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