Kharge appeals to people to vote for Cong in Mizoram, says BJP hell-bent on destroying Mizo culture

07:53 PM Nov 05, 2023 | PTI |

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Sunday appealed to people in Mizoram to vote for his party, saying while the Congress had helped bring peace and stability in the state, the BJP and the RSS were ”hell-bent on destroying” Mizo culture and way of life.


The Congress stands for the protection of the northeastern state’s people, land and natural resources as enshrined under Article 371-G of the Constitution, he asserted ahead of the November 7 assembly polls.

The Article is a special provision for Mizoram. It states that no central law relating to religious or social practices, customary law and procedure, and ownership and transfer of land will be applicable unless the Mizoram assembly ratifies the same.

Kharge also listed out the Congress’ seven guarantees for Mizoram, which include creation of job opportunities, strengthening democracy at the grassroots, health insurance cover of Rs 15 lakh and special care of cancer patients, monthly old age pension of Rs 2,000, providing subsidised LPG cylinder at Rs 750, and Rs 2,000 monthly assistance to widows and the disabled.

The Congress is seeking to oust the MNF-BJP coalition from power in the state.


”It is the Congress party which brought peace and stability in Mizoram,” Kharge said in a video message and post on X, adding that former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi had signed the historic Mizo accord in 1986 and secured statehood in 1987. Since then, the Congress has had a very special relationship with the people of Mizoram, he said.

”Successive Congress governments have ensured peace, stability, tribal culture, identity and secularism in Mizoram. We brought the New Land Use Policy (NLUP) for agriculture, which has benefitted farmers and substantially increased rice production in the state,” the Congress president said.

”Today, under the MNF rule, the infrastructure of the state is in shambles. The youth want education and employment. Under MNF-BJP rule, corruption has become a way of life,” he said.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the BJP are ”hell-bent on destroying your culture, values, religion and the Mizo way of life”, Kharge said and alleged that the Narendra Modi government ”wants to take your land and forests, and gift that to their crony friends”.

”The BJP created division between people of Manipur, and the state has been burning for six months. Thousands of tribal people from Manipur had to seek refuge in Mizoram. The BJP wants to destroy the delicate social fabric of the North East,” Kharge alleged.

”Our commitment to the people of Mizoram is long-lasting and also tried and tested.

Therefore, I humbly urge you to please vote for the Congress,” he said and assured that the party will implement its guarantees.

The guarantees also include better and durable public infrastructure for all-around economic development of Mizoram.

”Our symbol – ‘Hand’, has a track record of ensuring security, stability and service. Vote carefully. Don’t vote for those who will help the BJP in the end. Give Congress a chance and bring prosperity to the people of Mizoram,” he said, using the hashtag ”#CongressForMizoram”.


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