Lego dinosaurs in UK City’s Exhibit

12:17 PM Jul 20, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

A UK-based artist Warren Elsmore, a lifelong Lego fan is bringing an exhibition of the Jurassic-era majestic creatures- all made in Lego. The show is to be exhibited from July 19 to August 30 in Norwich, a northeastern city in England that is showing its love for the Jurassic-age creatures.


The Brick Dinos exhibition will feature over 500,000 standard lego blocks and elements.

A single model of a Masiakasaurus, a lizard-like dinosaur, is made up of 30,000 lego bricks and of a height similar to humans.

Elsmore told BBC, “Building dinosaurs in Lego is a really nice challenge, because, obviously, lego bricks are square, and most dinosaurs are not,”

As per Elsmore, it is not just the shape that is a challenge, designing the models also takes plenty of time. Then after the design is complete, it takes about four to five months to actually build the models.


Since his childhood days, Elsmore has been fascinated by Lego bricks and says that there is no limit to what one could build using lego bricks.

The pictures from the exhibition show models of the beasts along with trees and their environment, all constructed in lego.

The exhibition pays its homage to Dippy, a plastic cast replica of fossilized bones of Diplodocus carnegii, a north-American dinosaur with a long neck and a long tail.

For the unversed, Dippy, the plastic-cast beast, is Norwich Cathedral stoppage of its UK tour. The show comes after two recent dinosaur shows in the city, first, an exhibition of colourful T. rexes, and then the famous Dippy itself.


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