‘Lemon cars’: Owner uses Tata Safari to collect garbage, here’s why

08:45 PM Nov 17, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Unhappy with service, the owner of a Tata Safari turned his SUV into the municipal corporation garbage collection vehicle.


The owner made this strange move as he was facing repetitive brake-related problems on his Tata Safari.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Hard vlogsWe can see the owner talking about his troublesome Tata Safari. He claims that his Tata Safari has been facing problems related to the brakes of the SUV and has had the brakes changed a couple of times. Yet despite that, the truck’s brakes continued to fade earlier than expected, forcing him to repeatedly take his truck to the authorized service center.

After not getting a permanent solution from the authorized service center technicians for this problem and being harassed by the repeated failure, the owner decided to use it as a garbage collection vehicle. In the uploaded video, the owner asks passersby to dump their trash on his Tata Safari.
Lemon car cases in the past

These troubled cars, which suffer repeated mechanical failure of a particular part or system, are called “lemon cars.”


In the past, many car owners have attempted such stunts to get the attention of the higher authorities of a car manufacturing company and potential vehicle owners.

And the Tata Safari isn’t the only premium car to suffer from such problems; In the past, cars like MG Hector, Skoda Octavia and Ford Endeavor have also faced that problem.

In developed countries, there is a ‘lemon law’, which says that any defective car must be replaced with a new one or the owner must receive adequate compensation for the amount he has spent to buy the vehicle, but there is no such law in India.

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