Leopard attacks leave villagers in fear in Karkala

10:31 AM Nov 25, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

Karkala: In a concerning series of events, a leopard which has strayed into human habitations has struck fear in Kowdoor village of the taluk, attacking multiple individuals over the past two days. The incidents have raised alarms among locals, prompting urgent measures from the authorities.


On Thursday morning, a pet dog fell victim to the leopard in Naganthel. Sudhir Naik sustained injuries to his face and hands while attempting to rescue the attacked canine. Later that afternoon, Nidhish Acharya encountered the leopard while traveling on a two-wheeler, narrowly escaping an attack.

Shortly after, Sadananda Putran, riding along the same path, encountered the leopard and sustained a head injury, fortunately escaping harm due to wearing a helmet.

On Friday, Jayanthi Naik and Mallika Naik, tending to cattle in the vicinity, faced a similar encounter resulting in minor hand lacerations.

These alarming encounters have sparked deep concern among locals. The recurrent presence of leopards in the area, previously preying on dogs and cattle, has escalated to posing a direct threat to human safety. The community is urging swift and serious action from the Forest Department to address this escalating issue.


Immediate Response

Promptly responding to the crisis, the forest officer and staff have installed cages and initiated efforts to capture ad rescue the elusive leopard.

A “wait-and-see” approach has been adopted by the Forest Department, with two cages deployed in the area. A further attempt to capture the leopard will be made on Saturday. However, the department has affirmed intentions for escalated actions if the leopard remains at large beyond the third day.

Meanwhile, locals have been cautioned to exercise caution, especially during nighttime, until the predator is captured.


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