Let your affection for me turn into votes, urges Jayaprakash Hegde

05:42 PM Apr 21, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

In the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, Udupi-Chikkamagaluru Lok Sabha Congress candidate, Jayaprakash Hegde, expressed optimism about converting people’s affection into votes during a public gathering at Aldur in the taluk.


Addressing a massive gathering, Hegde emphasized the “overwhelming support and encouragement” shown by the people of Udupi and Chikkamagaluru districts. “During the polls in Udupi and Chikkamagaluru district, people have shown great affection, love and encouragement. I believe this affection and love will be converted into votes,” he said.

He attributed this enthusiasm to the development initiatives undertaken by the Congress party in the state through the guarantee schemes. “People want change. This is due to the development work done by the Congress in the state and the five guarantees that have helped the lives of the poor,”  he added.

Reflecting on his four-decade-long political journey, Jayaprakash Hegde underscored the development projects initiated during his tenure as MP, spanning a brief period of 20 months. He highlighted the challenges faced in bringing additional railway services to the region and noted the significance of tangible progress in influencing electoral outcomes.

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“After four decades in politics, I am grateful for the love people are showing me. Although I have been an MP for only 20 months, I have done many development works in Udupi – Chikmagalur constituency. Even after being in power for ten years, they couldn’t bring a train to this region. The situation was so bad that their own people of the party cadres had to cry ‘go back’ to the representative, forcing her to leave the constituency. If there is tangible development, the people of the constituency will remember it when the election comes. When I saw the love shown by the people while canvassing in the streets of Chikkamagaluru, I felt confident in my winning prospects,” he said.


Hegde further emphasized the importance of tangible accomplishments in governance, particularly in supporting agricultural communities like areca nut growers and implementing welfare schemes for farmers.

“As a representative of the people, the support given to areca nut growers, and the Congress government’s schemes to support farmers, have aided in canvassing and engaging with voters. For those who aspire to be people’s representatives, it would be beneficial if they have undertaken some work for the constituency rather than merely soliciting votes during elections. Voters in Udupi-Chikkamagaluru are hopeful for my victory after witnessing the development works undertaken in the past. This will certainly pave the path to success,” he said.

Mudigere MLA Nayana Motamma echoed Hegde’s sentiments, applauding the transformative impact of the Congress government’s five guarantees on women’s empowerment. She condemned derogatory remarks made by opposition leaders and emphasized the need to focus on developmental agendas rather than resorting to divisive rhetoric.

“Today, the women of the state are happy and confident because of the five guarantees provided by the Congress government. It is condemnable that the former chief minister joked that women are going astray with this guarantee. The people of the constituency will give an appropriate answer to this during the polling on April 26. The opposition parties, who have forgotten the development work, cannot tolerate the five guarantees given by the Congress government. Sarcasm becomes a weapon when the fear of defeat is overwhelming,” she said.

“Our candidate, Jayaprakash Hegde, is seeking votes by promoting development works and not by criticizing or ridiculing his rivals. Insulting women is not Congress’s culture. It is the responsibility of all of us to ensure victory for the Congress party today for tomorrow’s peace,” she added.

Former MLA Motamma, along with M.P. Kumaraswamy and other Congress leaders, rallied support for Hegde, emphasizing the party’s dedication to fostering peace and prosperity in the region.


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