Liquor love on a budget! Kudukara Sangha makes a special appeal CM

11:04 AM Jun 10, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

Rajya Madya Premigalu Hagu Kudukara Sangha has requested Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Excise Minister R B Thimmapur to reduce the price of liquor brands.


The forum of tipplers expressing displeasure over the hike in the price of liquor urged the CM not increase the prices of local brands of Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) and beer.

In an email sent to and others, the convener of Rajya Madya Premigalu Hagu Kudukara Sangha expressed their concerns and highlighted that liquor consumption cuts across religious and social boundaries, with a significant number of individuals considering it a part of their regular diet. Moreover, liquor is often served during celebrations and religious rituals. Recognizing the contribution of liquor sales to the state’s revenue, the Sangha urged the government to address the concerns of liquor enthusiasts in the state. They emphasized that an increase in the tax would impose an additional burden on the poor and middle class.

The convener further pointed out that even a daily wage earner who consumes a mere 180ml of liquor would need to spend an average of Rs 200-Rs 250 per day. Given this situation, the Sangha urged the government to review the liquor tax structure and ensure that the brands consumed by the poor and middle class are available at affordable prices.


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