Lok Sabha Polls: BJP takes steps to quell rebellion in Karnataka

09:15 AM Mar 26, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

In an effort to address internal dissent within the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Karnataka stemming from grievances over ticket allocations, former Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has stepped into the fray. The BJP has mobilized a team of senior leaders to pacify disgruntled members across various districts in the state.


The wave of rebellion has been particularly pronounced in Davangere, Koppal, Belgaum, Shimoga, Chikkaballapur, Bidar, and Chitradurga. Following the announcement of certain candidates, protests under the banner of “Go Back Sudhakar” have erupted in Chikkaballapur. Recognizing the urgency to address these issues before they escalate, negotiations have been accelerated, with senior leaders entrusted with the task of restoring harmony within the party ranks.

Under the guidance of BS Yediyurappa, discussions in Davangere have shown signs of progress, with key leaders convening to mitigate dissent. However, notable figures such as MP Renukacharya and SA Rabindranath remained absent from these talks. Yediyurappa, along with N. Ravikumar, is scheduled to engage in further discussions in Davangere, signaling a concerted effort to resolve the discord in the region.

Meanwhile, the situation in Belgaum remains a challenge, primarily revolving around disagreements concerning the constituency. State President BY Vijayendra has been actively engaging with local leaders to address their concerns, with plans for discussions with Yalahanka Vishwanath also underway.

Efforts to appease dissatisfied members extend to Koppal, where discussions between Yediyurappa, Basavaraja Bommai, and Union Minister Prahlad Joshi with Karadi Sanganna, who expressed disappointment over ticket allocation, have shown promise.


Sanganna has indicated willingness to work for the party, provided assurances regarding future opportunities within the organization.

The BJP’s strategy to quell rebellion involves a multifaceted approach, including the formation of a committee led by Vijayendra to address discontent, direct communication with leaders via phone and personal meetings, as well as high-level negotiations with key stakeholders. The proactive stance taken by the party leadership underscores their commitment to preserving unity ahead of the upcoming elections.

“Reaching out to those feeling discontent to come together and collaborate. I’ll be heading to Davangere. Rest assured, I’ll personally address the situation and ensure everything is resolved,” said former chief minister BS Yediyurappa.


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