Lord Bahubali’s grand Mahamastakabhisheka in Venoor draws devotees from far and wide

09:05 AM Feb 23, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Belthangadi: The town of Venoor witnessed a spectacle of religious fervor as devotees gathered to witness the grand Mahamastakabhisheka of Lord Bahubali after a gap of 12 years. The event, which took place on Thursday, marked the third Mahamastakabhisheka of this century, drawing devotees from various parts of the region.


Devotees reveled in the opportunity to witness the sacred rituals of the majestic 35-foot-high sculpture of Lord Bahubali erected by the Ajila family centuries ago The Mahamastakabhisheka commenced with elaborate rituals including Jalabhisheka, Elaniru, Ikshurasa, Ksheera, Kalka Churna, Arashina, and Sandalwood anointing, conducted with precision and devotion.

The auspicious occasion was graced by the divine presence of His Holiness 108 Sri Amoghakirti Maharaja and His Holiness 108 Sri Amarakirti Maharaja, along with esteemed dignitaries including Dr. Swastishri Bhattarak Charukirthi Panditacharya Varya Mahaswamiji of Jain Matha, Aladangadi Thimmannarasara Dr Padmaprasad Ajila and Dr. Virendra Heggade, the Dharmadhikari of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala, among others.

The anointing ceremony saw the usage of saffron from Kashmir, sandalwood from Mysuru-Tumkur, and locally sourced sandalwood, symbolizing the reverence and devotion of the participants. The main statue of Lord Bahubali, standing at an impressive 35 feet, was surrounded by a 45-feet tall altar specially prepared for the occasion.

Dr. Padmaprasad Ajila, the Thimmannarasa of Aladangadi Palace and a descendant of the Ajila kings, led the Abhishekam ceremony with utmost devotion, expressing gratitude on behalf of the Jain devotees. The event also witnessed the participation of members of the Ajila family, who dedicated themselves as sevakartas for the ceremony.


As part of the Mahamastakabhisheka, under the auspice of sevakarta V Praveen Kumar Indra’s, a ‘pushpalankara’ (showering of flowers) over the venue by a helicopter will be held on Friday at 1 pm, adding a touch of grandeur to the afternoon proceedings.

Addressing the gathering, Sri Amoghakirti Maharaj emphasized the importance of fostering a pious and cultured society through such religious events. He blessed the occasion, expressing hope that it would serve as a catalyst for spreading awareness about peace and harmony, ideals central to the Jain religion.

Echoing similar sentiments, Sri Amarakirti Muni Maharaja highlighted the exemplary life of Lord Bahubali, who epitomized sacrifice, peace, and non-violence. He emphasized the relevance of Bahubali’s message in today’s strife-ridden world, urging individuals to emulate his teachings for a better society.

The event also witnessed the inauguration of an exhibition, with MLA Harish Poonja urging everyone to actively participate in noble endeavors like the Mahamastakabhisheka. The presence of dignitaries including Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade further added to the significance of the occasion.

Dr. Heggade, in his address, highlighted the relevance of Lord Bahubali’s teachings in promoting peace and harmony, especially in times of conflict. He urged individuals to embrace a mindset of equanimity, emphasizing the importance of universal love and understanding.

As the sun set, the town of Venoor came alive with cultural performances, including soulful music and mesmerizing dance, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region. The Mahamastakabhisheka of Lord Bahubali in Venoor not only served as a spiritual rejuvenation for devotees but also highlighted the enduring legacy of peace and harmony embodied by the revered deity.


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