Lord Shri Krishna will teach appropriate lesson: Vishvaprasanna Tirtha reacts to Hamsalekha’s remarks

03:12 PM Nov 15, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Udupi: Top seer of Pejawara Matha Sri Vishwaprasanna Tirtha chose not to contest Hamsalekha’s controversial remarks about the late seer of the Matha and leave it for the wisdom of Lord Krishna to decide.


“I won’t protest Hamsalekha’s comments, Lord Sri Krishna will look into it,” said the seer on Monday.

Responding to media queries about remarks by Hamsalekha, Shri Vishwaprasanna Tirtha said, “Hamsalekha did not need publicity through such a statement. Such words should not have come out of his mouth.”

Making a reference to an incident from Lord Krishna’s life the seer said, “When Shishupala had criticized Krishna during his worship, Lord Krishna himself had disciplined Shishupala. In the same way, Sri Krishna would teach [Hamsalekha] an appropriate lesson.”

“My guru (Vishvesha Tirtha Sripada) never worked for publicity. He saw Lord Krishna, not just in idols, but in each person’s heart.  He did not visit Dalit houses fame and self-promotion,” the seer said.


During an award function at Mysuru, Hamsalekha spoke about Dalits and untouchability. He then referred to the late Pejawar Swamiji’s initiative of visiting the Dalit colonies. He said, “Pejawar Swamiji can only go and sit there. Would he eat chicken if offered? I don’t think it is a big achievement.”

Later, Hamsalekha posted a video on Facebook stating that he was wrong and also has high respect for the efforts being made by elders and personalities to banish untouchability. “Even my wife opposed my statement. My intention was not to hurt anyone. I am sorry if I have hurt anyone,” he added.


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