Lose the weight loss myths

04:17 PM Jun 13, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

It is the summer season. Naturally, your focus could fall on losing that stubborn lower belly fat, or sculpting the calves, or even just working out because you feel good! Weight loss isn’t always losing fat in order to fit into clothes; it involves a number of things, you might want to lose weight to maintain good health, or because working out gives you a boost. Whatever your reason, the journey to losing that weight is the same.


However, your idea of what the journey to losing weight is, could be wrong. And because of that mistake, we tend to not see the results we think we worked so hard for. Weight loss is not just vegetables and exercise, it is more than that. Read on to find the common myths that people consume during their weight loss journey.

Myth 1: Exercise is everything

Yes, exercise does play a very important role in helping you lose weight, but it isn’t everything. According to fitness experts, the key is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. So, the extra tiring hours spent in the gym, and countless YouTube workout videos won’t do any good if you don’t eat healthily. A sustainable idea for weight loss is working out along with eating good food. Where else will your body get the energy to work out then?

Myth 2: Starving is key


A big fat NO. As mentioned in the point earlier, you need the energy to exercise and go about your life. And that energy can only be gained through food. Restricting yourself to food is unhealthy and can cause a lot of health problems. A balanced diet that involves carbohydrates (Yes, carbs can be good), protein, and fats will not only keep you strong but also actually help you lose weight. Eating in moderation is key, starving is never the key.

Myth 3: Supplements are wonders

Weight loss supplements are considered a blessing from heaven! But in reality, they do very little, and in some cases, they do nothing at all. Studies suggest that most supplements can actually be ineffective. There are only a few supplements that actually help you lose weight, just a bit of it, at least. It is best to stay off supplements and focus on healthy eating and consistent workout.

Myth 4: Say no to sugar

Your body needs sugar just like it needs protein and minerals. Sugar is high in calories, we all know it. But that is no reason to completely cut off sugar. Like all things, sugar in moderation is necessary to keep your body fit. Not all sugars are bad sugars. Look out for ‘added sugars’, they are your enemy.

Myth 5: Weight loss in 2 weeks

You might have seen millions of videos on YouTube that promise weight loss in two weeks or those advertisements that suggest a product that can take away all your fat in days. Well, no. This is simply false. While you might see temporary results following these methods, it is not the best approach to weight loss. Consistency is important. Losing weight is a long process, and you need to stay consistent with your diet and exercise to see the difference and make sure the difference actually stays!

There are many more myths that surround the idea of weight loss. Proper research should be done before practicing any idea regarding losing weight. It is important to stay fit. But it is more important to stay fit while staying healthy.


(By Aditi Agarwal, Media and Communication student at Manipal Institute of Communication.)  

This should not be taken as medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise or diet regimen. 


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