Mahoshada Kalpa, a cancer treatment having U.S. patent

08:23 AM May 14, 2024 | Press Release |

One cell dividing into two, two dividing into four and so on is a natural phenomenon of the body due to which we are surviving. But if one cell divides into ten and ten into thousands, then it is called cancer. It gets different names depending on which organ of the body it attacks.


Four reasons are explained in the manifestation of any chronic disease. They are, wrong food regimen, wrong daily regimen and seasonal regimen, impure consciousness and past deeds.

The treatment regimen is designed accordingly to follow proper food habits, seasonal habits, purification of consciousness through Samatha, Maithri and Vipassana as explained by Bhagwan Buddha.

“Disease is a guest, not enemy, it is a messenger of the Universal law”. Mahoshadha Kalpa follows this eternal truth explained by the Buddha and treats accordingly. Even cancer patient also gets lots of relief and becomes less frustrated when he realises this eternal truth. It helps him in overcoming from the fear of pain, fear of disease and fear of death.

More than one thousand one hundred cancer patients suffering from different types of cancer have under gone Mahoshadha Kalpa treatment during the last 17 years. Our statistics shows the five year survival rate of lung cancer patients under this treatment as 31% against 5% under conventional regimen, which is remarkable.


Treatment protocol includes Muneks tablets which helps in preventing abnormal cell division and spreading of cancer to other organs and found non- toxic even in high dosage, Hiranya Prash drops which helps to boost immunity and Pyramid therapy. Other medicines of the company are used depending on the specific organ involved. All these products and Mahoshadha Kalpa have 17 U.S patents for a period of 20 years.

Patients can avail the facility of Mahoshadha Kalpa Health camp organized by Muniyal Ayurveda Hospital Manipal.


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