Major Deeksha C Mudadevannavar: Karnataka's daughter adorned with the Maroon Beret and Balidan Badge

10:43 AM Jan 27, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

In an incredible saga of resilience and victory, Major Deeksha C Mudadevannavar from Davangere has emerged as an embodiment of determination within the Indian Army. Once again, she’s making waves on the internet, not only due to her extraordinary journey but also for earning the prestigious Balidaan Badge.


Her accomplishment as the first female officer commissioned into the elite special forces of the Parachute Regiment has captured the nation’s attention, truly making her a source of inspiration on this Republic Day.

Major Deeksha’s journey in the armed forces is a testament to her unwavering determination and resilience. Her involvement in the National Cadet Corps (NCC) laid the foundation for her future accomplishments.

She was commissioned into the Indian Army’s MH Golconda through the Short Service Commission (SSC) entry in October 2019. Following her commission, Major Deeksha underwent intensive training at the Army Medical Corps Center in Lucknow, participating in the Medical Officers Basic Course (MOBC), a crucial preparation for her role in the Indian Army’s Medical Corps.

Journey of becoming a paratrooper


Assigned to the 303 Field Hospital in Leh’s Tangtse after completing the initial phase of her training, Major Deeksha’s journey into the Special Forces was marked by determination and resilience. Despite facing setbacks, including being rejected twice for inadequate physical capabilities, she persisted.

Colonel Shivesh Singh, her commanding officer, played a pivotal role in inspiring Major Deeksha to reattempt joining the paratroopers after her initial failures. Despite encountering an injury during her second attempt, Major Deeksha’s unwavering commitment led her to try again.

Eventually, Major Deeksha succeeded in the rigorous Paratrooper selection process and was chosen for the Special Forces in December 2022, even overcoming the hurdle of her injury.

Major Deeksha’s story reflects her resilience, determination, and commitment to a challenging path in the armed forces, underscoring her dedication to a profession that allows her to make a meaningful contribution to society.


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