Man awarded Rs 33 lakh in compensation after suing  company for giving him  ‘boring’ job 

02:41 PM Jan 13, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Despite the fact that we all want to pursue our hobbies and work in occupations that fulfil us and never bore us, the majority of us continue to work in 9-5 jobs that bore us to death. However, we persuade ourselves that this is what will bring food home at the end of the day.


In 2020, Interparfums, a French luxury perfume producer, paid Frederic Desnard, a Parisian, €40,000 (Rs33,58,628) in damages because his employment was so boring that it led him to depression and forced him to quit.

Desnard stated that he was downgraded from his job after losing a key client, resulting in him being handed menial work at the Paris-based company for four years beginning in 2016.

The individual who used to be dedicated to his career now spends his time ‘doing errands for Interparfums’ president.

Unilad statedthat nobody cared about him reaching on time or him doing his job and he felt ashamed and depressed for getting a salary for absolutely nothing.  He was signed off work for six months when his mental health deteriorated, which his physicians attributed to acute boredom. Interparfum then made him redundant, he told FranceTV.


“I no longer had the energy for anything. I felt guilty and ashamed to earn a salary for nothing. I had the impression I was invisible at the company,” he told Le Monde.

Desnard’s lawyers claimed that he suffered from ‘bore-out,’ which is a state of extreme boredom that can lead to depression and disease and is the polar opposite of burn-out.

Mr. Desnard stated that the firm’s “slow descent into hell” drove him out, and he blamed his bosses for his departure.

The perfume company, on the other hand, argued that Mr Desnard failed to inform them of his ‘boredom.’

The tribunal determined that the ‘deterioration of his health’ and the changes in his work were inextricably linked. After a lower court found in his favour, the Paris Appeal Court upheld the verdict this week, awarding him 40,000 Euros (£36,000).



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