Man finds 60-year-old McDonald's meal in bathroom wall

12:17 PM Apr 27, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Would you like to have a dish that has been passed down for generations?


According to two guys who had ordered from Adelaide McDonald’s restaurant, a quarter-pounder burger purchased in 1995 and stored in a shed for several years had not decomposed.

The burger had reduced a little from its original size, but the shape stayed the same, according to Casey Dean and Eduards Nits, who told the story in 2019. The burger had no unpleasant odor and no evidence of mold even after 24 years.

A few months later, a man from the United Kingdom ate a 14-year-old McDonald’s meal. In November 2018, Matt Nadin buried his Big Mac Meal in the garden of a friend. He dug it up and ate it 14 months later as part of his milestone birthday celebration.

Nadin’s McDonald’s meal included fries and a chocolate milkshake as side dishes. He buried it in his friend Andy Thompson’s garden after packing it in a plastic container. He dug out the 14-month-old lunch and returned it to the McDonald’s where he had purchased it, where he ate it without a care in the world.


During a renovation, a man from Illinois in the United States discovered a 60-year-old McDonald’s meal in his bathroom wall. He noted that the fries were still “perfectly crispy” in a Reddit post about the find.

According to the New York Post, the man discovered the lunch “wrapped up in an old rag” with a packet of half-finished french fries.

Three old McDonald’s wrappers and a half-empty container of fries were shown in the photo he posted on Reddit.

The man, identified as Rob, told the publication “there was no smell and surprisingly no trace of mice.”

“While removing a fixture in the bathroom I noticed a piece of cloth stuck behind plaster and pulled it out to show my wife,”

After finding a piece of cloth caught under the plaster of his bathroom wall, Rob says he discovered the decades-old dinner.

According to Rob, who told Newsweek that his house was built in 1959, the dinner is at least 63 years old.


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