Man swallows Apple AirPods while sleeping

10:29 AM Feb 09, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

A man in the US swallowed one of his Apple AirPods while sleeping which got stuck in his oesophagus.


Brad Gauthier, a resident of Worchester, Massachusetts had trouble while swallowing water. He went about his day as he managed to spit out the water, despite experiencing discomfort in his chest.

Brad wrote his Facebook post, “When I tried to drink a glass of water it wouldn’t go down, I had to lean over to let it spill out into the sink. Gross. Something felt off with a lot of pressure in my chest, but I figured my throat was just dry or something from all the snow shoveling late last night,”

Later Brad realised that one of his AirPods was missing to which his family joked that he may have swallowed them in his sleep.

Brad further wrote, “I looked around for my AirPod Headphones that I was listening to the night before as I went to bed and could only find one after scouring the bedroom,”


He said that his son and wife suspected that he may have swallowed the AirPods, ” They brought it up jokingly at first, but it seemed too coincidental that I would be missing it when I knew I went to bed with it, while I felt a distinct blockage in the center of my chest,” he added.

After visiting the hospital where doctors did an X-Ray, where they found the missing AirPod in the lower part of Brad’s oesophagus.

The doctors initially suspected that Brad had choked on a piece of food as it was his wife’s birthday party the night before.

He concluded his Facebook post with, “Be careful listening to wireless headphones when you fall asleep, you never know where they’ll end up!… Big thanks to Mrs. for dropping everything and bringing me to get the procedure done.”


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