Man urinates on woman's seat in Mangaluru-bound KSRTC bus

05:43 PM Feb 23, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

Days after the Air India pee row, a similar incident is said to have taken place on a KSRTC bus en route to Mangaluru from Vijayapura on February 21.


The accused male passenger, aged 32, who happens to be a mechanical engineer allegedly urinated on the woman’s seat when the bus had halted for dinner in Kiresur near Hubballi city.

As per reports, the woman and other bus passengers had alighted from the bus for dinner. When the woman returned to the bus, she saw the accused urinating on her seat and raised an alarm.
The other passengers rushed in on hearing the commotion.

KSRTC released a statement clarifying the incident, “Upon receiving the complaint, the statements of Mangaluru-Depot 2, Bus No KA 19 F 3554 driver Santhosh Mathapati and conductor Umesh Kardi, who were on duty in Vijayapura- Mangaluru Bus, have been taken into account. From their statements, it is found that, the bus plying en route had unreserved passengers in berth number 3 and berth number 29.

“The crew of the bus gave a scheduled refreshment and nature call break at Kiresuru Hotel at 10.30 p.m. and informed the passengers about a 15-20 minute break.


In the break time, an unreserved passenger traveling in berth number 29, who was intoxicated, instead of coming out of the bus went near berth No 3 and was found urinating on seat number 3.

The action was witnessed by a female passenger who was boarding the bus from the break, and she was supposed to sleep on the same seat.

The driver, conductor, and other passengers confronted the passenger, got him off the bus and left him near the hotel.

Berth number 3 was washed with water and wiped with a cloth by the driver and conductor and the female passenger was requested to travel in berth number 9.”

KSRTC also clarified that the claim that a passenger in the bus had urinated on a young woman is incorrect.

Sources said that the bus crew helped and assured the woman passenger of security and safety after the incident. Eyewitnesses said that the woman passenger was in a state of shock after the incident.

The accused, not in his senses, had got into an argument with the co-passengers and the bus crew as well. However, the victim lady refused to lodge a police complaint in this regard, sources said.

The authorities said that as the lady was not willing to lodge a complaint, the journey was continued. Sources explain that the victim lady travelled from Vijayapura to Hubballi.

The authorities are contemplating lodging a complaint regarding the incident to give a message to women travelers, sources said.


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