Manaroopa - A Kannada psychological crime thriller feature poster launched by CMCR Movies

10:23 AM Jan 21, 2019 | Team Udayavani |

Bengaluru: The poster of Manaroopa – A Kannada psychological crime thriller feature film that is to be launched in summer 2019, is communicating and adding to the anxiety of movie goers. A closer look at the poster reveals a tag line – ‘EPISODE NEVER ENDS’. This not only raises curiosity level but also brings an element of suspense to the poster itself.


In-addition to the above suspense, other larger questions that cine goer is seized with is who are in the car? Where are they going in the middle of jungle? Who is recording? Why they are recording? Manaroopa, a new age psychological crime thriller, even as it attempts to understand different shades of human being, especially that of millennials, unravels the above suspense to its audience.

Manaroopa is a film about planned get-together of five friends after one decade and this takes them to the dense forest of the Western Ghats. The escapable nature in them makes them choose Karadi Guhe (Bear Cave) as their destination to unwind, recollect the past and also share their future plans. During the travel, the friends crave for the good old days and intimately discuss the missed opportunities, which raise issue of morality.

A debut film of Mr. Kiran Hegde, a communication professional turned film-maker, Manaroopa is a psychological crime thriller shot mostly in the virgin and unexplored forests of the Western Ghats and introduces audience to an exotic destination – Karadi Guhe – deep inside the forest. Touching emotional issues of millennials and unearthing their conscience, the film and its shocking subject/s are bound to attract the audience as these challenges are contemporary to current social life.

According to Kiran Hegde the poster is aimed at arousing the curiosity of movie goers and kindle their thought process. The waterbody in the forest and moonlight reflection is an attempt to convey that forest is a mirror in the movie.


Talking about the film, Kiran Hegde opined, millennials are in a quandary on their very existence and their very behaviour and emotions are difficult to understand not only by society but also by trained psychologists. The film is an attempt to understand the mindset of this group and capture their self-obsession. In the process, the film gives a chance to each individual watching it to connect with their own self-obsession.

Produced by CMCR Movies, Manaroopa is an attempt at movie making with a unique theme that is not only contemporary but also reflects the behaviour of next generation. The story flow offers a new experience to the viewers and touches the tip of deconstruction in personality. For Kannada film industry this is yet another bold initiative to do things that is different and relevant in today’s world.

New face Dilip Kumar is in the lead role and is all set to showcase his acting skills. Anusha Rao (a popular face in Kannada small screen) and Nisha B. R. (with few films to her credit) get to play important roles. Also Aryan and Shivaprasad play critical roles and complete the troika of five friends, around whom the thriller revolves. Playing adverse roles Amogh Siddarth, Gaja Ninasam and Prajwal Gowda are bound to take the audience to edge of their seats and well-known actor B. Suresh is seen in a totally different role.

Even as story flows, movie goers get a glimpse of the demystifying nature of forest, with its valleys, slopes, bushes, hill tops and river banks offering a perfect backdrop, and the cinematographer Govinda Raj captures nature in its myriad forms. The film’s editing is in final stages with Suri and Lokigiving final touches and Music Director Sarvanaa has started scoring the music for the film.

About CMCR Movies: 

CMCR Movies is a Bengaluru-based film production house. Manaroopa is a debut movie from CMCR Movies. The company owned by Kiran Hegde, a communication professional. CMCR Movies – a part of Varsha Farm Equipments which is into Public Relations industry delivers media relations solutions to Agriculture and Healthcare sectors too.


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