Mangaluru: Chicken meat prices skyrocket, rate for eggs sees a decline!

11:09 AM Apr 01, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: There has been a considerable rise in vegetable prices due to the drought-like conditions and scorching temperatures. Now, the skyrocketing prices of chicken and fish are denting the wallets of meat consumers in the city.


According to traders, there has been a rise in demand for poultry meat in the summer season. Weddings, banquets, and cultural events such as Bhoota-Kola and Nema are held regularly in summer, which have driven up the demand for chicken meat. Despite supply trying to catch up with demand, prices continue to climb steadily, they said.

Presently, broiler chicken (with skin) is priced at Rs 235-240 per kg, whereas Tyson chicken is at Rs 270 per kg. Skinless chicken meat is priced at Rs 265-270 per kg. Live broiler chicken sells at Rs 165-170 per kg, while Tyson chicken is being sold at Rs 185-190 per kg.

Traders note that chicken prices have seen a steady uptick in the recent past, rising at a rate of Rs 5-6 every 2-3 days.

Factors Behind Price Rise:


According to poultry farmers, the production costs have risen considerably due to inflation in feed prices. There has been a fall in the yield of crops like soya and corn used as poultry feed. Due to this, production costs have risen by up to 100 per kg of meat, they said.

Additionally, approximately 20-25 percent of poultry farms have shut down due to water shortages and intense heat, impacting supply. Elevated transportation costs further contribute to the price hike. The rising temperatures have adversely affected the growth of chickens as well as mortality rates in young chicks, they added.

Uptick in Fish Prices:

Similarly, fish prices have soared due to a shortage caused by fish scarcity at sea. Due to the dwindling fish catch, many fishing boats remained docked at port. Despite efforts to source fish from neighboring states like Goa and Gujarat, prices remain high, surpassing Rs 200 per kg.

Mutton and Goat Meat Prices Remain Stable:

Unlike chicken and fish, mutton and goat meat prices have remained stable since January 2023, holding at Rs 650 and Rs 850, respectively. Traders predict no foreseeable changes in these prices.

Impact on Restaurant Prices:

The restaurants in the city have been forced to raise the prices of meat-based dishes. Popular chicken dishes like Sukka, Chilli, and Kababs have seen price hikes, while fish prices fluctuate daily based on size. In contrast, vegetarian options in hotels have seen minimal price adjustments despite the rising cost of vegetables.

Rise in Ginger and Coriander Prices

Ginger, a staple ingredient in many dishes, has witnessed a price surge, reaching Rs 160-200 per kg from its previous Rs 120 per kg. Furthermore, the shortage of coriander in the market has led to a price increase, with prices rising from Rs 10 to Rs 15 per 100 grams.

Egg Prices Decline:

Interestingly, while chicken meat prices have soared, egg prices have experienced a decline. The price of eggs has dropped from Rs 6.50 to Rs 5.50-6 in retail shops whereas Rs 4.80-5 in the wholesale market. Traders attribute this decline to consumer aversion to eggs during warmer weather and the challenges of stocking eggs amidst high temperatures.


With inputs from Bharath Shettigar


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