Mangaluru City Celebrates Noise, Air Pollution Free Diwali This Year: Study

02:46 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru:  A scientific study on air pollution level in Mangaluru city conducted by the city based Anti-Pollution Drive (APD) Foundation has revealed that the period covering Diwali was largely pollution free in Mangaluru. The study, which was conducted over four days covering pre and post Diwali period, has confirmed vehicular and industrial pollution as the larger threat to citizen’s health.


APD Foundation conducted the multi-location study in association with St. George’s Homeopathy. The samples for the study were collected at Alvares Road in Kadri, The Gokarnatheshwara Temple Dwara in Kudroli, Land Link Township in Konchady and Pai Compound in Urva Stores. The drive was carried out on four days starting from October16 to October 17 (days prior to Diwali), October 18 (day of Diwali) and October 19 (day after Diwali). ‘One Earth Enviro Labs’ a specialized laboratory was engaged for collecting the data and analysing the values.

This study has become significant after the apex court banning a few types of firecrackers keeping in view the noise and air pollution during Diwali. The results of the technical analysis reveal no significant increase in pollution during Diwali.

“As seen from the values of both ambient air quality and noise levels the city in the test report, it appears that the city has celebrated Diwali in a responsible way and it could be much better in the coming years,” said Abdullah A. Rehman, Founder of APD Foundation.

He attributes different reasons for the positive result of the study. “This Diwali lot of people had taken an informed decision to avoid bursting firecrackers as we are coming to terms with its hazardous effect on our health and the environment. There is also the fact that Mangaluru being a coastal city, the sea breeze tends to neutralise some of the particulate matter in the ambient air quality segment,” he said.


This study was undertaken by APDF to also correlate its previous Shuddha Gaali study which was piloted to emphasize the contribution of transport pollution and smoke emitting vehicles. This research determines polluting vehicles still remain the maximum polluting factor in our community. Like how each Government is focusing on making our festivals safe, it should also focus on strict regulations on smoke emitting vehicles to control and reduce pollution.

Study Results
The report collated by the One Earth Enviro Labs, in respect to air quality has indicated that the sample taken on   October 16 at Kudroli Dwara was 55.99 against a standard Particulate matter of 60 at 2.5 micrometer (PM 2.5) on the scale. On another scale of particulate matter with larger diameter (PM 10) has recorded 71.74 against standard value of 100. 

However, there has been a significant increase in suspended particulate matter in the post diwali period at 327.04 SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter) against 269.58 SPM in the pre diwali at this location. Though the sulphur oxide was below detectable levels (BDL) the Nitrogen Oxide had spiked to 10.13 from the pre diwali value of 9.67 which is a marginal increase considering the standard value levels at 80.


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