Mangaluru: Dacoity in Ulaibettu – Businessman fought off armed robbers for half an hour

08:49 AM Jun 23, 2024 | Team Udayavani |

In a harrowing incident on Friday night at Permanki in Ulaibettu, on the outskirts of Mangaluru, businessman Padmanabha Kotian bravely fought off armed robbers for half an hour. He risked his life to protect himself and his family.


Padmanabha Kotian is currently receiving treatment in the hospital for injuries sustained from knife attacks and scuffles with the robbers. Recalling the incident, he said, “I came home around 6:30 PM on Friday. Shortly after, I went to the plantation where the workers informed me about a power outage.

“I went to check the issue around 7:30 PM with a tester in hand. I couldn’t fix it and as I was returning, the dogs started barking. Suddenly, seven to eight masked men jumped over the high compound wall and surrounded me, stabbing my leg with a knife.

“I fought against them for about half an hour. Meanwhile, some robbers threatened my wife and son with knives, causing them to plead for their lives and offer the robbers whatever they wanted. They handed over their gold jewelry and keys to the cupboards,” Kotian said.

Hearing his screams, two to three workers from a nearby shed rushed to his rescue, but the robbers also threatened them. The workers then contacted Kotian’s relatives by phone. Within minutes, the robbers looted gold and cash and fled the scene. “Tthe entire ordeal lasted for about forty-five minutes,” Kotian said.



Mr. Kotyan stated, “I have been living in this area for fifteen years. Even when I was a member of the Religious Council and returned home late at night from temple events, I never faced such an incident. Despite the security measures like CCTV cameras, this robbery happened.”

The house gate had a remote system and was locked. So, the robbers scaled the compound wall to enter the premises. However, while leaving, they made the family open the gate and took the car keys, escaping in the car for about half a kilometer before switching to another vehicle.

Police Investigation

The police have intensified their investigation and formed three teams to solve the case. Mangaluru Police Commissioner Anupam Agrawal said, the police have been told that the robbers stole approximately Rs. 1.50 lakh in cash and Rs. 6 lakh worth of gold jewelry, totaling an estimated Rs. 7.50 lakh.

Visits from Dignitaries

MLC Ivan D’Souza, former minister Ramanath Rai, and Coastal Development Corporation chairperson Mamatha Gatti visited the hospital to check on Padmanabha Kotian’s health.

Meticulously planned

The robbers had a well-thought-out plan. They were aware of the CCTV cameras and intended to take the hard disk but mistakenly took the WiFi box instead.

Language Clues

The robbers communicated in Hindi, but not like native speakers. Their accent was more akin to the coastal region’s style. Among the nine robbers, one did not wear a mask and appeared to be the leader, giving instructions.

Key evidence unearthed?

The police have reportedly gathered crucial evidence from the house and surroundings, including the robbers’ vehicle information. These clues are helping focus the investigation, and the police are also tracking the route taken by the robbers.


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