Mangaluru: Dangerous barricades are an accident waiting to happen!

07:48 PM Apr 25, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: Speed ​​breakers and barricades are commonly used to control the speed of vehicles in sensitive areas, including schools, colleges, hospitals, pedestrian crossings, etc. Accident prevention is the primary goal of these apparatus. However, the barricades installed on highways and city roads themselves are posing danger.


Drive anywhere on the National Highway from Mangaluru, you will find several barricades put up along the way, especially at junctions. Barricades have been installed on various parts of the road from Mulki to Talapady and from Pumpwell to Adyar.

But most of these barricades do not have the basic safety features required. The unscientific way in which they are installed, make them hazardous.

For one, there is a conspicuous absence of signboards forewarning motorists about an approaching barricade. In many places, these barricades are without reflectors, have too few of them, or are blurred by dust and soot. this makes spotting the roadblocks difficult.

In such a situation, the drivers notice the barricade only when they reach very close to the barricade. If one notices the barricades too late, accidents are bound to happen.


Indian Road Congress has published standardized specifications for the barricades used at accident spots, including the height, color, and spacing required for the barricades. When asked about it, NHAI officials claimed that all barricades used are as per IRC specifications. However, a cursory glance reveals the claim to be far from the truth.


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