Mangaluru Floods: Fear of spread of epidemic diseases

01:58 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: The level of flood water of the recent torrential rains in the city has receded but the fear of spread of epidemic diseases has increased amongst the people. The reason for this terror is the stagnant water pooled here and there and the dirty water in the wells which can lead to spread of epidemic disease.


The dirty stagnant water at various places gives scope for mosquito breeding. The people can clean the dirty stagnant water near their homes but it is not possible for them to do the same for the entire region.

This is a question for the local administration. But that does not mean the water lodged areas can be unattended. Since it is the monsoon period and there is the case of Dengue, Malaria infection rising abruptly here and there can lead to an epidemic disease outbreak. Therefore the district health department has contacted the district administration to take cleans the areas where exists stagnant dirty water.

Chlorinate the water

 At many places the rain water has entered homes and mixed with the clean water of the well. At various other places the rain water mixed with the dirty underground drainage water and then polluted the clean water in the wells, drinking which will definitely infect one with different diseases.


Importantly, consuming polluted water will cause Typhoid, Vomit, severe diarrhea, viral fever, yellow  fever among others. Hence, the water must be boiled to 100 degrees before consumption. Also the water in the well has to be purified by addition of bleaching powder, informed the department.

For chlorination of water in one’s well, one need to contact the health inspector at the closest city or primary health centre and get assistance, informed District surveillance officer Dr. Rajesh

Water examination by the department

The water polluted due to the flood needs to be tested by the health department itself and the work to check if the water is consumable or not has already begun. The public needs to contact ASHA workers at primary health centre or the staff at the centre for the testing of water and they will personally come to test the water at location.

Do not be terrified

“There is no need to be terrified about epidemic diseases. The water needs to be chlorinated. Fruit vendors must see to it that the fruits are protected from housefly, mosquitoes and dirt,” informed district health officer Dr. Ramakrishna Rao.

Put mud and sand

There are many locations in the city where there exist stagnant dirty water which needs to be filled with mud or sand and hence prevent the breeding of mosquitoes. In this way the spread of epidemic diseases can be prevented.

City health centres

Due to the floods the public can contact the closest city health centre for any information and direction. Below mentioned are the city health centres and their contact numbers

  • Surathkal : 0824-2475720
  • Shaktinagara Nalyapadav : 2218655
  • In front of Ladyhill Victoria school : 2451400
  • Near Jeppu Mangaladevi temople : 2417500
  • In front of Kulai Venkataramana School : 2408304
  • Kuloor Kunjaithbail : 9449244798
  • Padil : 2231258
  • Yekkur Karnataka Housing Board Colony : 2240011
  • Bunder Azaruddin Road : 2424244
  • Kasaba Bengre : 9591888089

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