Mangaluru police release guidelines for Krishna Janmashtami and 'Mosaru Kudike' celebrations

08:37 PM Sep 01, 2023 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: Mangaluru police have published guidelines regarding Srikrishna Janmashtami and Mosaru Kudike events.


The Commissioner of Police in an announcement the notified the following guidelines: 

  • Organizers of Srikrishna Janmashtami and Mosaru Kudike events must obtain prior permission from the police department.
  • Earthen pots should be built only up to 14 feet height. Do not tie anything other than earthen pots.
  • Proper care should be taken so as not to obstruct the public vehicular traffic while tying the pots.
  • Cold water should not be thrown on volunteers breaking pots.
  • The procession should proceed only on the route finalized by the Police Department.
  • Be careful about the electric wire passing through the place while erecting structures, and tableaus.
  • It should be ensured that there is an adequate lighting system on the roads where the Yoghurt procession takes place.
  • A well-equipped ambulance should be arranged in the procession.
  • The loudspeakers should be used only till 10 pm as ordered by the Supreme Court.
  • No DJ should be used in the parade for any reason.
  • Only vehicles with fitness certificate, insurance certificate should be used for tableaus.
  • Volunteers should be divided into groups and deployed along the route of the procession to make the procession run smoothly.
  • There should not be any tableau, or choreography that hurts the sentiments of any religion or community.
  • Firecrackers should not be used near hospitals, and in the midst of crowds. Firecrackers should not be used after 10 pm.
  • Before installing flexes and banners in public places related to the program, permission must be obtained from the concerned local authority.
  • No provocative writings or images should be used in the flex, or banners.
  • All flexes, banners, and buntings installed in connection with the program must be cleared by the organizers immediately after the program is over.
  • Suitable places should be identified for vehicle parking. Volunteers should be deployed to prevent vehicles from stopping on the road through which the procession passes.
  • The instructions of the police officers on Bandobast duty should be obeyed according to the local situation. Organizers should cooperate with the police.

Loudspeaker installation instructions:

  • Loudspeakers use in tableaus is allowed only if permission is obtained from the police department before the installation of loudspeakers at program venues.
  • The loudspeakers shall be used only during the time specified in the permit issued by the Police Department.
  • Use of D.J. is not allowed.
  • The loudspeakers should not be installed near hospitals and educational institutions.

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