Mann Ki Baat: Modi recognize Kannadigas for their contribution in field of art, sustainable dev

05:51 PM Dec 25, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his “Mann Ki Baat” 2022 final edition has spoken about an achiever Kavemshri (Kalamanji Venkatagiriappa Srinivas) from Gadag for his contribution in the field of arts.


Modi said, “Friends, I would like to tell Mann Ki Baat listeners about Kavemshri Ji living in the Gadag district of Karnataka. Kavemshri has been relentlessly engaged in the south for the past 25 years in the mission of reviving the art culture of Karnataka. You can imagine how great his dedication to work is. He was earlier associated with the profession of hotel management. But his attachment to his culture and tradition so deep that he made it his mission. He created a platform called ‘Kala Chetana’.”

“This platform today organizes many programmes of Karnataka, national and international artists. Also, many innovative works are done to promote local art and culture”, he added.

Further, he said, “Friends, the enthusiasm of countrymen towards their art and culture is a manifestation of the sense of pride in their heritage. So many such colours are sprinkled in every corner of our country. We should also work continuously to nurture and preserve them.”

Speaking about the Shivamogga couple Suresh and Maithili for making plates, trays, and handbags from betelnut fibre, Modi said, “Friends, a couple from Karnataka is delivering many unique products made of betelnut fibre to the international market. This couple from Karnataka’s Shivamogga is Mr. Suresh and his wife Mrs. Maithili. These people are making trays, plates, handbags, and many decorative items from betelnut fibre. Chappals made from this fibre are also popular today.”


Image Courtesy: screengrab from YouTube/Narendra Modi

“Today, their products are being sold in London and other markets of Europe. This is the quality of our natural resources and traditional skills which are being recognized by all. Based on this traditional knowledge of India, the world is looking for ways to a sustainable future. We ourselves also need to be more and more aware on this aspect. We ourselves should use such indigenous and local products and also give these as gifts to others. This will strengthen our identity. The local economy will also become strong and the future of a large number of people will also become bright.”

(With inputs from Mann Ki Baat)


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