Masala dosa being presented as an ice-cream roll in this new cuisine fusion, Netizens outraged

11:06 AM Jan 18, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

There are a lot of strange movies and photographs on the internet that go viral from time to time.


Aside from animal and challenge videos, strange food items and fusion often attract a lot of attention, primarily because many people regard them as a direct attack on their taste buds.

In recent years, bizarre culinary fusion, in which two wholly unrelated dishes are combined, has become popular.

Many of them have even gone viral on social media at times.

Many people understand and appreciate food experimentation. Bringing two very different delicacies together for a ‘combo’, on the other hand, will only make devoted food enthusiasts feel repulsed.


Some of the ‘blasphemous’ fusions that have gone viral on social media in recent years include kiwi pizza, ice cream vada pav, chocolate Maggi, gulab jamun pancakes, and Maggi pani puri.

But just when you believe the internet is finally free of such horrors, another strange dish appears.

After introducing you to the realm of strange combinations, we provide you with a masala dosa and ice roll fusion that has enraged many online.

An Instagram video circulating the internet shows someone making an ice cream roll with masala dosa components. ‘thegreatindianfoodie’ uploaded the unusual video on January 15th. It has received almost 16,000 likes so far.

A masala dosa is crushed to bits on a flat surface in this video. After that, ice cream scoops are placed to the top and blended in with the dosa ingredients.

It is made into rolls and served on a dish with some potato on top and two chutneys on the side once it has been well blended.


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