Lotus blooms in MCC Elections: BJP wins 44, Cong 14, SDPI 2

01:27 AM Apr 05, 2020 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: Counting of votes for 60 wards of Mangaluru City Corporation results began on November 14 morning.


In Surathkal West (Ward No 1), BJP’ Shobha Rajesh (985 votes) defeats Congress’ Shantha S Rao (548 votes) and Independent candidate Revathi Puthran (760 votes).

In Suratkal east (Ward No 2), BJP’ Shwetha A (2496 votes) defeats Congress Indira (1133 votes)

In Katipalla East (Ward No 3), BJP’s Lokesh Bollaje (2486 votes) wins against Congress candidate Bashir Ahmed (1680 votes) and JDS’ Nawaz Katipalla (484 votes).

In Katipalla Krishnapura (Ward No 4), BJP’ Lakshmi Shekar Devadiga (2675 votes) defeats Congress Savitha Shetty (2127 votes).


In Katipalla North (Ward No 5), SDPI candidate Shamshad Abubakkar (2766 votes) defeats BJP’ Suraiyya (648 votes) and Congress’ Fathima B (882 votes).

In Idya East (Ward No 6), BJP’ Saritha (2233 votes) defeats Congress’ Vineetha Rao (1759 votes).

In Idya West (Ward No 7), BJP’s Nayana Kotian (2228 votes) defeats Congress’ Prathibha Kulai (1710 votes).

In Hosabettu (Ward No 8), BJP’ Varun Chowta (3030 votes) defeats Congress candidate Ashok Shetty (1765 votes).

In Kulai (Ward No 9), BJP’s Janaki Yane Vedavathi (3140 votes) defeats Congress’ Gayathri Aranha (768 votes).

In Baikampady (Ward No 10), BJP’ Sumithra Kariya (2022 votes) defeats Congress Sudhakara (877 votes).

In Panambur Bengre (Ward No 11), BJP’s Sunitha (1236 votes) defeats Congress Chandrika (1081 votes).

In Panjimogaru (Ward No 12), Congress’ Anil Kumar (1690 votes) defeats BJP’s Naveen Chandra B Poojary (1359 votes).

In Kunjathbail North (Ward No 13), BJP’ Sharath Kumar (2950 votes) defeats Congress candidate K Mohammed (1709 votes).

In Marakada (Ward No 14), BJP’s Lohith Amin (2055 votes) defeats Congress’ candidate Harinath (1704 votes).

In Kunjathbail South (Ward no 15), BJP’ Sumangala (3780 votes) defeats Congress Shalini M N (1684 votes).

In Bangra Kulur (Ward No 16), BJP’s Kiran Kumar (2308 votes) emerged victorious over Congress candidate Panduranga Kukyan (976 votes) and Independent candidate Chandrashekhar (1003 votes).

In Derebail North (Ward No 17), BJP’s Manoj Kumar (2146 votes) defeats Congress candidate Mallikarjuna (1930 votes).

In Kavoor (Ward No 18), BJP’s Gayathri A (3296 votes) defeats Congress’ Bhavya (1725 votes).

In Pacchanady (Ward No 19), BJP’ Sangeetha R Nayak (2700 votes) defeats Congress’ Vishalakshi (1544 votes).

In Tiruvail (Ward No 20), BJP’ Hemalatha Raghu Salian (3028 votes) defeats Congress’ Prathibha R Shetty (1903 votes).

In Padavu west (Ward No 21), BJP’ Vanitha Prasad (3071 votes) defeats Congress Ashalatha (1499 votes).

In Kadri Padav (Ward No 22), BJP’ Jayananda Anchan (2484 votes) defeats Congress’ Umesh (1963 votes).

In Derebail East (Ward No 23), BJP’ Rajani L Kotian (2849 votes) defeats Congress’ Jyothi L Devadiga (1583 votes).

In Derebail South (Ward No 24), Congress’ M Shashidhar Hegde (2235 votes) defeats BJP’ Charith Kumar (1908 votes).

In Derebail West (Ward No 25), BJP’s Jayalakshmi V Shetty (2233 votes) defeats Congress’ Roopa Chethan (1331 votes) and CPI(M) Sunanda K (292 votes).

In Derebail Central (Ward No 26), BJP’ Ganesh Kulal (3052 votes) defeats Congress’ B Padmanabha Amin (1275 votes).

In Boloor ( Ward No 27), BJP’s Jagadish Shetty (2364 votes) defeats Congress’ Kamalaksha Salian (990 votes).

In Mannagudda (Ward No 28), BJP’s Sandhya (3019 votes) defeats Congress’ Meghanadas (698 votes).

In Kambla (Ward No 29), BJP’s Leelavathi Prakash (1884 votes) defeats Congress’ Rekha Surekha (518 votes).

In Kodialbail (Ward No 30), BJP’s Sudeer Shetty Kannur (1846 votes) defeats Congress’ Prakash B Salian (1661 votes).

In Bejai (Ward No 31), Congress’ Lancelot Pinto wins with 1939 votes against BJP’ Prashant Alva (1527 votes)

In Kadri North (Ward No 32), BJP’s Shakeela Kava (1813 votes) defeats Congress’ Mamatha Shetty (791 votes).

In Kadri South (Ward No 33), BJP’s Manohar Shetty (1526 votes) wins against Congress’ D K Ashok (1277 votes).

In Shivbagh (Ward No 34), BJP’ Kavya Natraj (1731 votes) defeats Congress’ Kiran James Peter (1690 votes).

In Padavu Central (Ward No 35), BJP’ Kishore Kottari (2200 votes) defeats Congress’ Abdul Azeez (610 votes) and Independent candidate S Sudhakar Jogi (1529 votes).

In Padavu East (Ward No 36), former Mayor Congress Bhaskar K (2492 votes) defeats BJP candidate Sujan Das (1921 votes).

In Maroli (Ward No 37), Congress’ Keshava (2037 votes) defeats BJP’ Kiran Maroli (2011 votes).

In Bendoor (Ward No 38), Congress’s Naveen R D Souza (1582 votes) defeats BJP candidate Jessel D’Souza (760 votes).

In Falnir (Ward No 39), Congress’ Jacintha V Alfred (1092 votes) defeats BJP’ Asha D’Silva (1423 votes).

In Court (Ward No 40), Congress Vinayaraj A C (1137 votes) defeats BJP’s Ranganath Kini (899 votes).

In Central Market (Ward No 41), BJP’ Poornima (2037 votes) defeats Congress’ Mamatha Shenoy (422 votes) and Independent candidate Rekha Surendra (210 votes).

In Dongerkeri (Ward No 42), BJP’s M Jayashree Kudva secured 2140 votes to defeat Congress’ Manjula Y Nayak (694 votes).

In Kudroli (Ward No 43), Congress’ Shamshudin (1256 votes) registers win over BJP’ Arshad (877 votes); JD(S) candidate Aziz Kudroli (612 votes) and SDPI candidate Murzain Kudroli (1121 votes).

In Bunder (Ward No 44), Congress’ Zeenath (1308 votes) registers win over BJP’ Priyanka (1281 votes) and JD(S)’ Rameeza Nasir (1150 votes).

In Port (Ward No 45), Congress Abdul Lateef (2048 votes) defeats BJP’ Anil Kumar (1493 votes).

In Contonment (Ward No 46), BJP’ Diwakar (1793 votes) defeats Congress’ K Bhaskar Rao (307 votes).

In Milagres (Ward No 47) Congress Abdul Rauf (1702 votes) defeats BJP’ Ghanshyam (957 votes).

In Kankanady Valencia (Ward No 48), BJP’ Sandeep Garodi (1425 votes) defeats Congress Ashith J (1271 votes).

In Kankanady (Ward No 49) Congress’ Praveen Chandra Alva (2653 votes) defeats BJP’ Vijay Kumar Shetty (1634 votes).

In Alape South (Ward No 50) BJP’ Shobha Poojary (2269 votes) defeats Congress Sesamma (1576 votes).

In Alape North (Ward No 51), BJP’ Roopashree Poojary (2033 votes) defeats Congress candidate Shobha K (2007 votes).

In Kannur (Ward No 52), BJP’s Chandravathi Vishwanath (1862 votes) registers victory over Congress’ Raziya (1591 votes).

In Bajal (Ward no 53), Congress Ashraf (1660 votes) defeats BJP’ Chandrashekar (1476 votes), SDPI candidate M Kabir (835 votes) and CPM candidate Suresh Bajal (753 votes).

In Jeppinamogaru (Ward No 54) BJP’ Veena Mangala (2102 votes) wins against Congress Madhushree (1101 votes) and CPI candidate Jayanthi Shetty (1447 votes).

In Attavara (Ward No 55), BJP’ Shailesh Shetty (1854 votes) defeats Congress Keerthi Raj (1660 votes).

In Mangaladevi (Ward No 56), BJP Premananda Shetty (2187 votes) defeats Congress candidates Dinesh V Rao (874 votes) and JD(S)’ N Mahesh Rao (60 votes).

In Hoige Bazar (Ward No 57), Revathy of BJP win with 2116 votes registered victory against Congress’ Sharmila Sharath (1258 votes).

In Bolar (Ward No 58), BJP’ Bhanumathi P S (1541 votes) defeats Congress’ Rathikala (1348 votes).

In Jeppu (Ward No 59), BJP’ Bharath Kumar (2479 votes) defeats Congress T Honnaya (1575 votes).

In Bengre (Ward No 60) SDPI’ Muneeb Bengre (1701 votes) defeats BJP’ Gangadhar Salian (1498 votes) and Congress’ Asif Ahmed (1192 votes).


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