Mechanic Balanna – Police’s friend in times of need

11:10 AM Nov 23, 2021 | Team Udayavani |

Mangaluru: For the past 45 years, Tilak Kumar (Balanna), a mechanic from Attavar has been a friend in times of need to the police department and public by repairing the broken down vehicles; be it day or night. many times he hasn’t charged a penny for his services.


Balanna is the go-to person for the police if a vehicle develops a snag. He has repaired police vehicles that broke down in the dead of the night.  He even bought diesel for the police vehicles whose tanks ran dry. Due to his prompt and sincere work, many police personnel now use his services for maintaining and repairing their personal vehicles too.

In addition, Balanna is ready to help any person at any time. Be it ambulances, or vehicles of the common man, he is ever ready to assist anyone who asks him for help. He has repaired ambulances in times of emergency gaining the love and trust of doctors. Especially, during the lockdown due to the Covid pandemic when no garage was open, he did emergency vehicle repairs for many. All in all, Balanna hasn’t left anyone who has sought his help halfway.

Not for monetary gains:

When asked about the motive behind his work, Balanna said that helps people in need for the satisfaction it brings him. “I earn my living from my garage Sri Shakti Motor Works in Attavar. But when an emergency call is received, I help out not expecting any monetary gains. Many times I have not taken a penny for the repairs. I am satisfied knowing that I helped in their times of need,” he said.


“In the past, there were only a few vehicles in the police department. Even if a vehicle broke down, the police were helpless to do their job. It was necessary to repair the patrol and other police vehicles immediately. Even now I have continued the same principle. The police have trusted my work,” Balanna added.

Recently, Mangaluru Police Commissioner N. Shashikumar, who had taken his private vehicle to Balanna for repairs, came to know of Balanna’s selfless service for the police department in the district. Impressed by this, the Commissioner appreciated Balanna’s service.


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