Minister’s nudge to K’taka BJP men: Be aggressive, don’t be mute spectator to allegations

08:40 AM Jan 24, 2023 | PTI |

Tumakuru: Karnataka Law Minister J C Madhuswamy on Monday called on party men to be “aggressive” in their response political opponents’ allegations against the government ahead of Assembly polls, as he derisively suggested that the ruling BJP and its men have become “mute spectators” to such developments.


Reacting to his Cabinet colleague’s comments, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said let Madhuswamy start speaking aggressively first.

With reports that his statement was seen as open acceptance of a lack of aggressiveness on part of the ruling BJP and its leaders, ahead of election by May, and that it had created some amount of displeasure within the party, the Minister later clarified that his suggestion to be aggressive was directed at party spokespersons attending debates, during their meet.

“We (BJP) have to make efforts to bring our government back. It is unfortunate that we have become mute spectators, someone (opponents) speaks something about us and we are in a sense of curiosity as to whether what they are saying is true. Instead of questioning them about what they have done, we are questioning ourselves,” Madhuswamy said.

Addressing a party meet, he said he had made a suggestion to party men to be aggressive and start speaking about government’s achievements, only then opponents will keep quiet, if not they will continue to do what they are doing, and innocent listeners will start feeling that the allegations made, might be true.


Giving the example of ex-parte decisions at courts, Madhuswamy said, in a case where a notice has been issued to two parties, if one party doesn’t appear, ex-parte decisions are taken in favour of one party.

“Such ex-parte decisions should not happen, we have to raise objections…Who is talking against us and our party or government? Those who had indulged in daylight theft are speaking about us, such a situation has arisen…those who don’t know basics about development are alleging that no development has taken place,” he added.

Meanwhile, speaking to reporters in Belagavi, Bommai asked Madhuswamy to start aggressively responding first.

“Let him start first. He speaks aggressively in the legislative Assembly, let him start it outside too… Already, several Ministers have started it,” he said.

Later when reporters told him about CM’s comments, Madhuswamy said, he will start speaking aggressively outside too. “Anyways there won’t be much scope for speaking inside (Assembly with election approaching).” He also clarified that he was only suggesting to party spokespersons to counter aggressively to attacks or allegations made against the government, and was not referring to party leaders, legislators or Ministers.

Earlier too, Madhuswamy, who is also in-charge of Parliamentary Affairs, was in the midst of a political storm as his derisive comments on the government’s functioning had gone viral, putting the the ruling BJP in an embarrassing position.

In a telephonic conversation that had gone viral some time last year, Madhuswamy was purportedly heard saying, “We’re not running a government here; we’re just doing management, pulling through for the next 7-8 months.”


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