M'luru: Doc, Air hostess save passenger's life on London-B'luru flight

11:46 AM Nov 16, 2022 | Team Udayavani |

A flight attendant from Mangaluru was instrumental in saving the life of a passenger who suffered a heart attack on a London to Bengaluru flight.


Dr Vishwanath Memala, the doctor who save the life of the passenger shared the incident details on his Facebook page. Dr Vishwaraj Vemala who is basically from Bengaluru works in London.

“Mom was with me and She was in tears. The events over 4 hours were dramatic on flight AI128 on November 12 from London. A 43-year-old man with no pre-existing medical background had his First syncopal episode not responding to initial resuscitation measures. I contemplated to land in Karachi, Pakistan, as this was the close airbase to the location that we were flying. With help of Mr Prashanth (head of the team)Had to speak to airport authority Pakistan and that was escalated to high commission (a difficult decision to make)but in the mean time patient stabilised only to deteriorate and arrest an hour later he had 2nd shockable arrest ( for a moment I thought I lost him), Thankfully I had a AED (defibrillator) on board, (used up all emergency meds and all the available IV fluids on board, half the Airhostess helping me, Mallisa (Airhostess) was amazing lady she was, stuck to every task that I gave her, she was my nurse throughout the rest of the flight time giving make shift accessories, She kept a detailed entry of events and clinical observations (oxygen saturation monitoring, patients Glasgow coma score and Early warning scores)Giritha (Airhostess-manglorean) was my helper running around fetching pulse oximeter, Glucometer, thermometer, giving my all emergency first aid kit, Prashanth was the head who was liaising with ground staff, medical staff and air control, running in and out of the cockpit with messages from. Captain and ground Emergency resuscitation team, cardiology team, I diverted the flight to Ahmadabad, subsequently landed in Mumbai. Phew!!! As by now I had exhausted all the emergency meds, . Patient was safe and stable, he was handed over to the ground emergency team with a detailed handwritten notes including timings to the ground team. Patient thanked me (His name edged in my memory-can’t mention due to confidentiality) with tears in his eyes he said I am ever indebted for saving his life,” he wrote.

“This Was indeed a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. !!! I am amazed that in the most hostile environment people from various backgrounds come together forming a team with just one motive in mind to save a young life. They took up roles that were so unfamiliar to what they are usually used to. There was a celebratory huddle by the whole team on touchdown. There was a standing ovation on the final touchdown with the whole Air India team and all passengers (even though half of the Airhostess were diverted to helping me out, bar was out, services were severely affected, and toilets were closed one side. Blankets and pillows taken off to provide warmth to the patient and get his foot end elevated, and all the troubles). After the announcement from Captain thanking the whole team and informing patient stable, tears of joy rolling down some people. People flocking to thank Mom and me. Mom couldn’t take this attention, she started sobbing uncontrollably. Her only concern was I missed my meal and sleep on flight. I convinced mom to say I have done what is best and that I have been trained all my life. Overall Very humbling experience,” he added.


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